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Virtual CloneDrive

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Virtual CloneDrive is a freeware program which lets you mount disc images as if they were discs in your drive. It basically fools your system into believing that there is another CD/DVD drive in your system. On this virtual drive, you can mount disc image files.These are exact copies of a physical disc, but as a single file, usually ISO, BIN and some other formats.

It’s very simple to use as you just have to double click an image file and it will treat it just as if you had double clicked on a real disc in your computer’s drive. It enables you to work with up to 8 virtual drives.

One example of how this could be useful is if you were to make backups of discs (as image files) for use on your laptop when you are on the move, saving you from having to carry around and load and unload a bunch of discs that may get lost or scratched.

Check it out here.


Apollo DVD Copy

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Apollo DVD copy, a hi-tech tool for copying DVD collection to DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW, has an in-built DVD burning engine and DVD video compression engine that provides you with the true DVD copy of your DVD collections within 20-40 minutes without reduction in quality. The copies produced by this tool can be run on both your PC and home DVD player.

With Apollo DVD copy, you can also copy DVDs to hard drive folders for editing or burning later.

One cool thing about this software is its high compatibility.

  • It supports both NTSC and PAL Movies
  • It supports DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW.
  • It also supports a lot of the popular SCSI,IDE,USB DVD burners/recorders on the market.

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DVD Snapshot 1.5.5

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

When you watch you favorite movie on your DVD, many a times you might have felt like taking snaps of your favorite scenes. You can make this possible with the DVD Snapshot 1.5.5. It helps you to take the snapshots from the DVDs easily by selecting the exact point from where you want to take the shot. You can effortlessly capture freeze frame image and save the image with you. In addition you can make the images, the cover of your slideshow or DVD, etc and then share these pictures with your family and friends.

To get these spectacular snapshots you just need to install DVD Snapshot 1.5.5 in your system and get started. Make the selection of the video and open it with the DVD Snapshot program. When you are ready for the snapshots then you can begin making the selection for the points on the DVD for taking the snapshots. Play the video from the options given on the top and you can select the scene while viewing it. To play the video you need not to move to any other program or screen for it but it gets played in the same program. Pause it and place the pointer at the time duration where you liked the shot. You need to watch care fully for deciding for which you can choose the level of the speed and even have the view zoon in or out. Capture the shots and the program would ask you to save the image on your hard disk. You can have the camcorder being transformed into a digital camera that can take virtual snapshots of the captured video. You can have the images taken and used for various purposes.

DVD Snapshot 1.5.5 is capable of taking images from the DVD movies or other videos in a seamless manner with high quality. You can use the images for the slideshow title, send the images to your friends, even get them printed and place them on your room’s wall, etc.

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