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LEGO Digital Designer for Windows

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Did you play with LEGO when you were a kid?  I certainly did and one of the things that I absolutely loved about playing with LEGO was the ability to envision a completely different world from the one I lived in.   In other words, the ability to create things like dragons and wizards and play with them all day long was what kept me interested in LEGO time after time and one of the reasons that LEGO continues to be popular is because there is that element of escapism to it; it is able to keep young minds enthralled.

Well, now LEGO has become digital with the designers of the great building block toy now releasing a version that is completely free to use for people that want to give LEGO design a try online.   It is a very fun piece of software to use and people both young and old can use it to construct any number of different things.  Because the software is still early on in the development stage there are some kinks in the software, but ultimately as the software gets better it is going to come very close to simulating the real world experience.

More information about this software can be found at

Ultra Mixer 2.1

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

ultramixer.jpgIf you like mixing up music beats or are professional DJ, then there is some great news for you. The latest version Ultra Mixer is a going to push the musical envelope like never before and the best part is that you won’t need separate players for mixing. The software will help the mixing work to be done smoothly. It can be used anywhere in private party, restaurant or at any other place. It even can be installed in your pocket Pc. So now you can literally have a party while on the go.

You find the downloading getting done in less than a minute. The installation is much simpler and fast even then the downloading. The appearance of opening screen is black in color with different functions. It is divided into four sections three on upper side and one below. The first and third sections show the selection of songs for mixing. The central one shows the timing. You can load the songs through file, directory or CD to select for mixing in the sections. The songs can be stopped, played and rewind in any section any time. The list of songs is displayed in both section to choose from with their length and title. In the below section the equalizer and effects are given for both upper sections. The level of volume of any song section can be changed or even muted. Also it has mixer and archive, master options. It can also be turned into mini mode. You can also change the skin according to your choice. To make further changes and include cool effects the menu option is available with numerous features. The software is exclusive and excellent to be use at almost every type of rocking function. It’s the virtual DJ mixing that will surely make you standout amongst your friends.

(More info and Download)

CDisplay Comic Reader 1.8

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

1034322713-1.jpgThere are a number of different places that a person can go to nowadays in order to read a comic online and indeed with all of the different pages available in JPEG format, you can tell right away that the people that are ultimately interested in the idea of reading the comic online would most likely have a hard time doing so. Opening up different pictures when you finish the preceding one is an annoying process and a number of the existing programs are way too general in order to make sense when reading the comic itself. A program specific to the needs of online comic readers is needed and indeed this is where the CDisplay Comic Reader 1.8 comes in.

The CDisplay Comic Reader 1.8 is a program that was written specifically to ease the burdens of people previously trying to read comics where every page was in JPEG format on a person’s hard drive. It was because of this niche that the software was made and indeed people that have used it can testify to how fantastic a piece of software it really is. It is simply a reader, so the software does not take up either much space on your hard drive or tie up much space in your system resources.  Ultimately, what the CDisplay Comic Reader 1.8 happens to be is just a fantastically simple solution to a problem affecting thousands.

More information can be found at

Blots – New take on an old classic

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

blots.jpgBlots is an addictive game that has a concept which will be very familiar to those of you who remember “Lemmings“.

You guide your troop of “blots” along lines which you draw, in order to guide them to their exit safely. But the lines fade away after a while, so watch out! There is also other things such as being able to draw a line between fire and bombs in order to create a “fuse” and therefore blow holes in walls. You may also burrow through some types of ground in some levels.

This is a cool little game that’s sure to please (or frustrate!) fans of that old classic game “Lemmings”.

Have a go and see for yourself!

AV Webcam Morpher

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

1150271965-1.jpgThere are so many different ways for people to chat nowadays and one way that is really starting to pick up steam is video conferencing. Whether it is being done for business reasons or for pure personal reasons, there might be times when editing what is being sent out to the other people in the video conversation would be prudent. For businesses, it might be someone accidentally divulging something and for personal chat it might be something embarrassing action wise such as a burp or a cough. Either way, people will want to edit that annoying stuff out and now with AV Webcam Morpher 1.0 you can do exactly that.

There are so many different ways for a person to use the AV Webcam Morpher that it is really crazy! Not only can you change the tone of your voice to make yourself sound like someone completely different than who you are, but at the same time you can also use hundreds of different video effects in order for people to get things across that are closer to what they want to portray. With all of the neat effects that people have been able to come up with for the AV Webcam Morpher, it is no doubt whatsoever that it is definitely the real deal.

More info can be found at

Gentledraw 1.93

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

screenshot1.gifGentledraw is software that will make the creation of 3D model fun for the user. The functions are quite easy to use even by a person who only basic knowledge about computers. It enables the user to create simple drawing images, animations and 3D images. The software starts with a ‘Quick Start’ dialog box that gives an idea about how to use the software and what does it do. Essentially the Quick Start as a good learning guide when it comes to creating 3D images.

Easy in downloading this software also gets installed in fewer seconds. Images can be formed with the toolbar shown on the left side having pencil, eraser, brush, etc. The images can be transformed to 3D images instantaneously. The controls allows for easy navigation ease of selecting stored images. The best part involves the ease with which the 3D images can be turned to animations. Simple image diagrams have just two colours black and white. When they are converted into 3D or animation the colour can be readily adjusted according to the choice. The options like ‘Canvas color’ along with ‘Model surface color’ and ‘Border color’ options on the toolbar effectively serve the purpose. The Border dialog’s ‘enable border’ and ‘border editor’ features help to bring changes in the structure of the image. The texture can be adjusted and the canvas image can be set. X Y Z level are available for neatly adjusting size, scalability, and to turn the image as desired.

For creating animations, the color of canvas and background can be changed as per the animation scheme. The place and size can be changed and the image can be rotated as well through the Route dialog options on the toolbar. The timing and size of the animation can also be set. The software does a very decent job of what set itself for doing and has practical utility.

(More Info and Download)

Longtion GIF Animator 5.0

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

scrshot.jpgIf you are a web designer looking for creating those stunning animated images for your website then you should definitely try out the Longtion Gif Animator. Loaded with interesting features this piece of creative software allows you create seamless animations for your website with effortless ease. It provides support for multiple file types and achieves a high degree of compression while creating the images; thus reducing files sizes and making your web pages load faster.

The software is a breeze to install and the navigation menu is quite neat. The software has an attractive look and feel.  With easy controls even an average user can create professional looking animations. You can make Slide Show style Gifs or even Text Style Gifs. One just needs to click on the New Gif tab and then select the frame sizes. Next just use the Add frame options to add all the pictures that you wish to put into different frames. In few moments your basic animated Gif file is ready. Now for getting the professional touch, the software has tabs like Frame property and competent image editing tools. You can easily set the frame properties including transparency options. It also has the options for placing time intervals between two successive frames used in the animation. Next with image editing tools you can crop images, draw lines and make host of other changes as required. The tool has decent features that are required for creating good Gif animations. It also comes in handy for novice users who may want to use it for creating animations for their profile homepages.

The software comes with a Help section which though lacks details. Also the software itself could do well with more animation styles and effects. Overall the software is worth a try if wish to quickly create Gif animations.

(More Info and Download)

Enjoy Good Old Puzzle Fun With 15 Classic Slide Puzzle

Monday, June 25th, 2007

1147886357-1.gifIf you had fun with the slide puzzle as a kid, here is the software version for you to relive those days. The 15 Classic Slide Puzzle is a very simple but really interesting game. According  to the publisher it’s actually based on Sam Loyd’s impossible 1878 sliding number puzzle, but this classic puzzle game is a bit more forgiving as there is always a solution.

Because the software implements a shuffling algorithm that performs scrambling by random movement, not by random placement, every puzzle arrangement can be solved. If you use to enjoy it back then here is it in the digital format, if you’ve not played it before, well what are you waiting for?

It’s free so there is no financial commitment to be made. Except you love it and want to give a donation of course.

Check it out at

Treasures of Persia – Puzzle Fans Check Out Persia

Monday, June 25th, 2007

1134463537-1.jpgPuzzle game fans may want to check this one out. It’s called Treasures of Persia and it is set in Persia backgrounds. In the game, you play as a treasure hunter and your mission is to put gem chips and other pieces on the board in the right order, so that they self-destruct and relieve place for ever arriving new pieces.

Twilight rooms of a Persian palace offer picturesque settings for Treasure of Persia, a tricky multilevel puzzle. Treasure hunters who correctly join gem chips will be amply rewarded. Their names will be marked in history to awe and inspire others. It’s a simple game with nice scenery, so it’s worth checking out. If you are not a puzzle fan don’t bother, you won’t find this any bit interesting.  Puzzle fans go try it out and see if it catches your fancy enough to call for your money.

Go to for trial version and more info.

Growler Guncam – Prove your point(s)!

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Growler Guncam is a utility that enables you to record the action of your computer games as a video.

Now you can finally show off to your friends about how good you are, show them an interesting part you reached or cool thing you’ve done in a game, your high score, etc.

It can save the video as an avi file, an animated GIF, or simply make screen captures (JPEG format). This latest version includes a forum signature maker, a new movie editor, and new capture methods to support even more games. You can also add basic effects and adjust picture brightness, contrast, etc as well as playback speed.

So if you’re a big time gamer who likes to show off your style you’re sure to like.

Check it out at the homepage

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