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LogMeIn Hamachi – Virtual Private Network

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

This is a useful program that lets you make a virtual private network over the internet letting you behave like a network and even play network games across the internet in real time.

Its widely utilized for gaming, so much so that some people have even developed utilities for providing an easy connection for games like Age of Empires 3, making network game connections across the Internet.Several websites exist dedicated to the listing of Hamachi networks for various games which have a multiplayer (networked) option.

Access can be controlled with a password if needed, just to keep it truely private so you’ll be able to password-protect your networks so that only people you permit can join. If you’re concerned with security, they have a page devoted to what they call their “Security Architecture.”

The free version is limited to 64 networks with 16 users in each, doesn’t have user ban or network locking, and only has low bandwidth relays on their server. To connect to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) using Hamachi, both sides must have the Hamachi client installed.

It’s a great idea for making a really uncomplicated and easy to set up network with friends to allow for network gaming across the web.

You can get it, along with further info, from the LogMeIn Hamachi Homepage here

Lanvisor – Remote desktop monitoring system

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Lanvisor is a program which lets you view the desktops of others computers connected to your local area network. This could prove useful in certain circumstances such as to monitor employee activity in an office situation therefore insuring better productivity or to make sure children aren’t being exposed to inappropriate internet sites in a home situation.

You can customize the features of the screenshots it shows such as screenshot size and display order, even showing them as a slideshow or as several smaller images when used on multiple computers. The program runs invisible to the users. It’ll also let you view some system performance information on remote computers. Another neat feature is the ability to send text messages to the remote user.

Version 1.7 allows to add clients by the name of the remote computer.

Check out the homepage here for further information.

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