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iZip 2.0 – Just Zip It

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Zipping any large file or compressing them is largely in function as it assists in transferring the files through the internet. Now requirement of a program to manage all kinds of zipping and unzipping process is highly necessary too. And for dealing with compressed files like TAR, RAR, ZIP, ZIPX etc. you would not find anything better than iZip 2.0 on your Mac. This powerful utility equipped with compression as well as encryption technology will help you to compress and secure all the files in best possible way. Added to that the utility comes for free enabling you to zip and unzip files for unlimited number of times. The features you will confront with the application are certainly remarkable giving you a great experience in working with zip files.

Interface of iZip looks really modern and at the same time is extremely user friendly that will definitely help you to operate the tool in most smooth way. The archive files can be easily handled and save all kinds of documents straightforwardly in zip file or drag-and-drop those fields between archives. With it you will be able to zip large collection of pictures, documents and even massive size movie files in just few clicks. Another major aspect is the security feature that comes along with this tool. iZip is equipped to encrypt files to 256-bit AES encryptions giving your zipped files a strong protections and help out in keeping all confidential documents safe from wrong people. Lastly the trouble you usually came across of uploading problems of Zipped files on emails will never be any issue again as it offers fast and effective files sharing service through

iZip need not to be flaunted more as the features it comes with has got enough to aid a terrific way in zipping or unzipping files in Mac.

{More Info and Download}

WebLight – a good web testing tool

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

If you’ve been having problems with broken links and the likes, this tool may just be what you need. It is called WebLight. WebLight is a good web testing tool that scans sites for non-standard HTML and broken links. It is designed to help web developers deliver reliable web sites on time and it fulfils this purpose very well.

In the latest version which has just been released- WebLight for Windows 5.0.2 Beta, certain changes were made to the features to help make the tool better. These changes include:


  • Compressed sitemap support
  • Siteindex and multiple sitemap support
  • Sitemap priority, changefreq, and lastmod import/export


  • Bugs reported by Alex and Charly

In case you are not one of us [windows fans], no worries, WebLight also comes in other editions. These include WebLight for Unix and WebLight for Mac OS X.

Check it out at


Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

There are a number of different programs out there that are good at simulating the effects of a particular television software, but at the same time there are very few programs out there that are good at functioning as a guide as to what you can watch on TV. In other words, there aren’t any programs out there that emulate the functions of a TV guide very good and the TV-browser for Windows is definitely one of the best programs in that particular field.

The browser is designed in java and is intended for you to be able to use whenever you want to find out what is on television in your area. You can extend the function of the TV-Browser quite easily through the use of different Java plug-ins and the actual layout of the browser is actually modelled after the TV guide. This makes it an excellent piece of software that you can use for your convenience, but also makes it a throwback to the guide that initially defined television viewing convenience.

More information about this program can be found at

YourView 1.0.1

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Macintosh users can now make their video viewing experience be a bit different and a lot more interesting with YourView 1.0.1 software that also allows them to share the videos. The software can be used by anyone without any difficult as the options are easy to learn and operate. With the YourView 1.0.1software you can tag and navigate the videos in various ways.

Getting the software downloaded and installed would take just a few clicks. The screen of the program is good and pleasing but not flashy. You can create files and edit the videos according to your liking. You can make the videos more amazing by adding up different effects and making the video including the features from the options that you want to have.

The screen of the software shows the video on the upper left side so that you can know about the changes altogether. You can prepare demos or tutorials from the videos that you have taken. You can make the selection for the name, category and also set the start and end time. It also has the option for ratings and lead in, lead out option. The features as tutorials and icons are shown on the right side if the screen. You can select and deselect the selections made by you any time and put new changes to the video you’re making. The simple working features like ‘Remove’, ‘Apply’, ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’, etc are placed on the screen itself for your convenience.  (more…)

Abiword – Open source word processing

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Abisoft is an open source, freeware word processing program that works in a similar fashion to Microsoft Word. It’s actually multi platform (currently available for Windows, Linux, QNX, FreeBSD or Solaris).

This program is able to both read and write documents, Microsoft Word documents, WordPerfect documents, Rich Text Format documents, HTML web pages and much more.

What i like about it is the smallness of it and it doesn’t require a whole lot of resources to run it, which is a good thing at anytime, but especially if you’re on a somewhat older computer. This has all the features most people use and non of the unnecessary ones.

It’s worth checking out if you need the basic functions of this kind of software but without all the bloat of similar programs and without having to pay a penny!

Go to the homepage here.

Freeciv for Fun

Friday, September 28th, 2007

If you are looking for a fun way to keep yourself entertained, but you don’t want to go out and spend a ton of money on video games or movies, Freeciv may be just the thing for you. Available for both Macintosh and Windows, Freeciv is an open source game which allows you to build your own civilization and try to be the best ruler in the world.

While the game is very similar to the Civilization series, it also has its differences. In any case, Freeciv can afford you a ton of joy and entertainment without an unreasonable price tag. Plus, it is much more flexible with your operating system than many of the more popular games.

Whether you want to start a game with your friends or play alone, Freeciv has tons of options and you can even customize the rules of game play to make your game more or less difficult depending on your skill level.

To start playing now, check out:

Ultra Mixer 2.1

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

ultramixer.jpgIf you like mixing up music beats or are professional DJ, then there is some great news for you. The latest version Ultra Mixer is a going to push the musical envelope like never before and the best part is that you won’t need separate players for mixing. The software will help the mixing work to be done smoothly. It can be used anywhere in private party, restaurant or at any other place. It even can be installed in your pocket Pc. So now you can literally have a party while on the go.

You find the downloading getting done in less than a minute. The installation is much simpler and fast even then the downloading. The appearance of opening screen is black in color with different functions. It is divided into four sections three on upper side and one below. The first and third sections show the selection of songs for mixing. The central one shows the timing. You can load the songs through file, directory or CD to select for mixing in the sections. The songs can be stopped, played and rewind in any section any time. The list of songs is displayed in both section to choose from with their length and title. In the below section the equalizer and effects are given for both upper sections. The level of volume of any song section can be changed or even muted. Also it has mixer and archive, master options. It can also be turned into mini mode. You can also change the skin according to your choice. To make further changes and include cool effects the menu option is available with numerous features. The software is exclusive and excellent to be use at almost every type of rocking function. It’s the virtual DJ mixing that will surely make you standout amongst your friends.

(More info and Download)

Blender: A Cool Design Instrument

Monday, July 30th, 2007

blender.jpgHere is a cool design instrument for your use. Blender is an extremely fast and versatile design instrument.  The fact that this software has a personal touch, offering a unique approach to the world of Three Dimensions makes it a must have.

What can Blender be used for? Use it to create TV commercials, to make technical visualizations, business graphics, to do some morphing, or design user interfaces.  One thing you will love about this software is the fact that you can easy build and manage complex environments. The renderer is versatile and extremely fast and all basic animation principles are well implemented.

It doesn’t matter what OS you are using, Blender has an edition that is perfect for you. There is Blender for Windows, Blender for Mac OS X, Blender for Linux and Blender for FreeBSD.

Want to check it out? Go to


Friday, July 27th, 2007

gvim.jpgVim is a highly configurable advanced text editor. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. The g in “gVim” refers to the graphical version of vim, as opposed to the console version, so it’s the version Microsoft Windows users would use. Vim is available 100% free of charge, which is pretty amazing considering how superior it is to other editors and it is even considered to be an IDE.

Vim isn’t just for programmers though, it’s perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files. I personally use it for everything from editing HTML and PHP code to taking notes.

Why should you use it? Well, for starters it runs on every operating system you’re likely to use so you’ll always feel at home whether you’re using Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. It’s also very fun to use and you’ll impress your friends because you can do everything with the keyboard and it’s so powerful that it can do things most editors can’t do. It has a great reputation among programmers and power users, many of whom fear it and will respect you just for using it.

But don’t let any of that scare you, vim is really not hard to use. You only need understand the basic concept of how it works, which I’ll try to break down briefly for you. Basically it has two main “modes”: Insert mode and Command mode. Insert mode is what most editors, such as Notepad, are always in. They sit there waiting for you to “insert” text and for most commands you have to use your mouse to navigate the menu to apply functions. But with vim you enter command mode (by pressing the Esc key) and then you can type commands by preceding them with a colon. For example, if you wanted to get help you would type “:help” in command mode. To get into insert mode you just press the “i” key on your keyboard (i for insert), then go ahead and type your text. Press “Esc” at any time to go back into command mode.

So what are some cool commands you can run while in command mode? Well, luckily you only need to learn a few for everyday use and they are extremely efficient. For example, if you want to delete an entire line of text then you would just type “dd”. If you want to undo that you type “u”, if you want to redo it type “Ctrl+R”. If you want to delete 10 lines of text type “10dd” (10 meaning the number of times you want to run the command–and that works for many commands). You’ll definitely want to look at some tutorials on vim and decide which commands are worth memorizing for your own needs.

Amongst many other things, gVim supports tabs and you can even split the window horizontally and/or vertically to view and edit multiple files at the same time. You can script vim and you can configure it to your hearts content by editing the _vimrc file it comes with. Vim can also syntax highlight all your files. It can do so much more that it would be impossible for me to list even half the things it can do here if I tried.

While it will take some getting used to it’s worth it. It’s been said that most of our computer time will be spent editing text files, so it’s very worth it to invest in learning how to use the best editor you can. I (and some of my friends) have tried many editors only to always come back to vim after realizing they lack too much functionality or are too slow. Indeed, there is a learning curve to vim; to pull a quote from Vim’s website: “Vim isn’t an editor designed to hold its users’ hands. It is a tool, the use of which must be learned.”

If you really can’t wrap your head around vim for some reason then try “Cream” which is a modern configuration of the Vim editor designed to be more intuitive for new users. It will get you up and learning how to use Vim perhaps a little quicker than you otherwise would.

To download gVim go here

To download Cream go here

DVDAttache – A Great Database Manager For Your DVD Titles

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

screen6.jpgIf you have been looking for a free application for the management of your DVD database, you need look no further; DVDAttache is up to the task.

DVDAttache is a free application for managing your database of DVD titles. What I love about this application is that no matter what kind of OS you are using there is a version readily available for you. DVDAttache has the following editions available: DVDAttache for Windows, DVDAttache for Mac OS X and DVDAttache for Linux.

Want to check it out? Go to

NOTE: It works best with Windows XP, I’m not really sure about its compatibility with Vista.

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