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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

MAME is actually an acronym that stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. If you are interested in figuring out exactly what MAME does, then you need to understand the concept of computer emulation. What an emulator does it is it confuses your computer into thinking that it is something that it is not. For example, this particular emulator might be used to confuse your computer into thinking that it is a specific arcade machine and therefore allow you to play a number of different arcade games on your computer. There are emulators that exist for most of the popular console systems of today and the MAME is just another in a long line of very useful emulation devices.

MAME works with game data files, known as ROMs, in order to reproduce the visual look and feel of a specific game right there on the screen of your monitor. There are 2600 different unique arcade games that can be emulated using MAME covering the three decades that precede this one. In addition to the 2600 unique arcade video games, MAME can also perform approximately 2000 variations on the unique for a total of about 4600 different arcade games currently able to be emulated onto your computer through the use of the MAME software. Oh, and by the way, it is completely free!

More information can be found at

NCN Messenger – a reliable messaging program

Monday, October 15th, 2007

There are a number of messaging programs in the world today and therefore it would be quite reasonably for someone to wonder why a new one would be worth anything different from any of the previous ones.   Well, NCN Messenger first of all is not a personal messaging program but rather is an internal messaging program that people can use for schools, workplaces and other group-orientated places where internal messaging might be necessary at certain times.   In this sense, it is an excellent program and NCN Messenger has all of the tools that a school or other group could need and also happens to be free; definitely a good deal.
In addition to being a reliable messaging program, NCN is also a program that has two different modes.  The TRUE mode is the mode that people will use most of the time and it is the mode that shows which computer the message actually came from.  If, however, people look for some more security and privacy then they can opt to use the GHOST mode which can actually result in a fake or an anonymous computer signature that is basically impossible to trace.   You can send a message to another computer and they can have no idea where it came from; pretty cool!
More information can be found at

WhyReboot? Maybe you don’t have to!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

You know when you’re installing or uninstalling a program and windows tells you that you need to reboot? Well sometimes this isn’t even necessary, causing you to waste valuable minutes of your life waiting for your computer to get back into action again!

WhyReboot is a small application that tells you which files will change or be deleted,etc.upon reboot,if any, so that you can decide if a reboot is needed or not.

Its a small utility (100k) and thats all it does. But if you hate waiting around because your computer is a slow starter,then it might be of some time saving use to you!
It’s also free!

You can get it over here.

Advanced Encryption Package 2007

Friday, September 28th, 2007

1000156904-1.jpgNo matter what you need to protect, the Advanced Encryption Package is the way to go. This package is designed to allow you the flexibility of protecting your files from home while still getting the best protection available.

Comparable with military style encryption, this program can save you tons of time and money by allowing you the capability to choose your style of protection. Not only does this program allow you to protect yourself, but it also gives you the unique option of creating automatically de-crypting copies of your files to share with families and friends. This way they do not need to have a decryption program, but you are still protected from the general public. Another great feature of the Advanced Encryption Package is that it will automatically remove the original files once they have been encrypted so there will be no risk of anyone accessing the original files without being stopped by the encryption device.

While this program is currently only available for Windows operating systems, it still has a lot of potential.

Released in both the standard and professional level packages, there are tons of ways to keep your information safe, and it will only cost you $30 to get your own copy of this program.

To purchase your own Advanced Encryption Package, check out:

X-Fonter – Gives You The Special Touch

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

1011855349-1.jpgWhether you are a webpage designer or you just want to make a custom birthday card, X-Fonter can add that special touch. All word processors come with some sort of standard fonts, but after years and years of the same boring letters, you might just want to add something a little fancier or a little more fun.

X-Fonter 6.2 is the latest in new font technology. This program allows you to view, manage, and create your own fonts in both two-dimensions and three-dimensions. Among the additions and fixes made to the latest version are the ability to store your favorite fonts in special easy-access folders, and repairs to the ‘Select All’ function.

Overall, if you are looking for a creative way to spice up your typing, X-Fonter has a lot to offer, and it comes at the low price of only $35. Of course, there are tons of fonts to be downloaded off the internet as well, but the risk of downloading a virus is much greater with free downloads than real programs.

To check out your version of X-Fonter, go to:

Process Tamer

Monday, September 24th, 2007

With so much going on at one time, it is hard to resist having multiple windows open on your desktop, plus all of the underlying CPU usage that is normally going on. For this reason, many people deal with overloading their computers, and have to settle for slowing down a bit and letting their computer work at a slower pace. In a fast-paced world this can be greatly annoying. Hence, the creation of a program that can monitor your CPU usage and prioritize those programs that are using too many CPUs and allow the other programs to work at a similar rate.

Process Tamer is a widely popular program because it takes complete control of all of your active tasks and manages them to make your computer a more efficient machine. If one program is moving too fast, Process Tamer will slow it down and let the others catch up. This way you are at a much lower risk of overloading your computer, which will ultimately save you time, money, and a few headaches.

Probably the best part of this program is that it is completely free and still it does exactly what it is intended to do. Unfortunately it is designed for newer operating systems, which is basically anything after 2000.

To learn more about this great offer and help your computer run better, check out:

HTTrack Website Copier for Windows

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

1014301003-1.jpgOne thing that you’re probably aware of if you’ve been browsing for any amount of time is that getting websites to show up nicely offline is actually something that is quite difficult to do. Sure, there’s internet explorer’s work offline function, but it happens to be notoriously unreliable and since now a significant number of the internet browsing population does not use internet explorer for their browsing, it then falls to the public to come up with a method that is useful. This helps people with non-permanent internet connections and limited connectivity contracts because it allows them to look through informational websites when they are not online.

This is exactly what the HTTTrack Website Copier for Windows 3.41-3 allows you to do. You can take any website and download it to your local directory so that you can look at it offline. It will copy all of the effects, the images, the sounds, the directories and everything else associated with the website so that you can view it offline exactly the same as you would be able to online. It is an excellent piece of software to have because it allows you to do a lot of reading of content websites you might be following even if your internet connection happens to go awry.

More information on this free piece of software is available at

Programmers Notepad

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

974475747-1.jpgOne of the things that have become very popular in today’s culture is programming.  Almost everywhere you look there are people that have knowledge of at the very least coding and at the very most multiple programming languages both of the object oriented nature and otherwise. It is only natural considering the relative importance that computers have gained in our world that programming would become more important and indeed the release and subsequent popularity of the Programmers Notepad Beta is proof that programming is something that many internet-savvy people have started to learn.
Whether you are new to programming or a seasoned veteran with multiple software pieces under your belt, what you are going to find is that ultimately the Programmers Notepad is going to help you along greatly.   Not only does it separate different aspects of a programming language from each other through colour coding (with a number of different languages already built in as recognizable by the system), but it also allows you to customize that colours to match any colour scheme you might already have in your mind.   Furthermore, the most recent update of this Notepad now includes HTML, PHP and PHP Script so you can quite literally do everything with it.
More information available at

ActivePerl for Windows

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

activeperl.jpgPerl has become a very important language for people to use to the point where there are so many courses around on it. It seems that every few years a new language becomes important in the online game and ultimately if you are interested in figuring out exactly what Perl is about, you might have to at least follow one of the free online courses in order to get that information.   However, software packages designed to help people are always useful and ActivePerl for Windows is a great example of a very helpful software package.

It is a free and easy to install distribution of Perl that carries with it guarantees of high quality combined with one of the most comprehensive support packages for Perl around. It of course comes with the core Perl functionality and then in addition to that tacks on the Perl Package Manager that you can use to install any CPAN packages you might need. In addition to that, you also get some of the more popular modules for Perl as well as complete support through an online help function. Ultimately, it is the free software of choice if you want to really have full-length support for all your Perl endeavours.

More information can be found on the product’s home page at

OpenDNS – want a safer and faster internet?

Friday, September 7th, 2007

opendns.jpgOpenDNS is a free service that claims to speed up your internet page load times,along with protecting you from phishing sites. In addition to this,it can also optionally block adult sites.

DNS stands for Domain name system (or service or servers) and while not being a household phrase like many of todays computer technology terms are becoming, it is still an integral part to how the internet works. Everytime you click a link or type an address into your browser address bar such as, DNS servers (usually at your ISP) translate that into the ip for the site (a bunch of numbers) and load the page, the alternative to that would be typing in a bunch of numbers for every website, so we all should be thankful for DNS!

OpenDNS claims to be organized in such a way that makes it much faster than most regular DNS servers.Also if you type in a slightly misspelled address into your browser address bar, it will automatically fix this and take you to the correct site.

So far it does seem to be speeding up my page load times and it doesn’t even require a download, just a minor setting change! For more information, go to the OpenDNS site.

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