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WordPipe 5.9.7

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Working on Microsoft Word documents is no difficult task for most of us working on this functionality as we are already aware of its tools and functions for creating and writing varied documents. Any professional working in a large scale organization can have several documents that are needed to be worked upon; especially if we talk about work procedures involving extensive documentation and writing such as Law or Writing processes that include loads of writing and printing procedures. Under such situations if a common error is found in the documents that needs change like a contact number or server name change; it is certainly not feasible or practical to manually perform these changes across the documents; hence WordPipe 5.9.7 is a utility that can easily work for replacing content as well as other document functions.

WordPipe 5.9.7 upon launch opens with a neatly organized interface with the main options placed at the top panel and the main screen displaying the tabular form of replacement content and location of the document and matching options along with several tabs situated at the bottom that provide further options to search and edit text. The working of the program is very simple, with drag and drop facility to extract files from Windows Explorer to the program. In addition the facility of adding more than one search and replace phrase or word. The program can be effectually used with thousands of documents and make multiple changes simultaneously that saves time and energy. Furthermore, the application also offers options like hyperlinking and bookmarking along with adding shapes and adding text boxes and offering drop down fields as well.

To sum up, WordPipe definitely works as an enhanced utility that enables the user to perform multifarious procedures across several documents.

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Joboshare 3GP Video Converter

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Joboshare 3GP Video Converter is not just your ordinary video file format converter as it does a lot of things other converters fail to do. The program has full support to the frequently used video files in the digital worlds these days like .avi, .mov, MPEG, XviD and DivX and many more. There are lots of things to look forward to this program and these will be discussed in this review.

The interface is easy to understand, intuitive and very user friendly. The display portion of the video files is large which shows that the program supports multiple files to be converted simultaneously. There’s also a player on the upper left portion of the window to play video to be converted.

The program provides rich features and tools for the users. There’s the video converter which the program does best. You can convert any video file formats to .3gp extension faster and higher quality using this program. The program supports almost all of the video files available. Video conversion is faster compared to other converters.

Aside from converting different video files to .3gp, the program also supports the reverse; convert .3gp file into different video file formats supported by this software like .3gp to mpeg etc. if you’ve got a video from your mobile phone and you want to play it on your computer but your player don’t support .3gp, Joboshare will do the job for you.

Other features include extracting audio files from video file then saving as a MP3, WAV or AAC audio file formats. This feature is useful if you want to rip the soundtrack of your favorite movie. You can even rip a clip from the original video then save it as another video file. So if you have a favorite scene in the movie, you can now have it without playing the whole movie over again. There’s still more to features to explore on this program. Install it and utilize its full potential.

Joboshare 3GP Video Converter is highly recommended for users who love to watch video on their mobile phones and have the right budget for high quality software.

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Power MP3 Cutter

Friday, May 14th, 2010

For those who loves to listen to music, or to those who spend a lot of their time editing and ripping multiple audio files to create a new one, an audio editing software capable of cutting, recording and playing audio files is a necessity and must be installed in their computer. If it so happens that you are one of them, choosing the best audio editing software that gets the job done would be not that easy as you think. Power MP3 Cutter might be the software that you need to get the job done.

The program is a commercial product but a free trial is also available for download to evaluate performance before buying. The trial software however, is of limited functionalities like you can only cut up to 30 seconds of audio file so you need to purchase the full version license in order to perform audio cutting of the time you wanted.

Unlike some other audio utility products, the program offers unique and easy to follow graphical user interface for easy ripping of audio files. The window that displays the wave representation of your audio file is large enough to see the actual portion being ripped. Menus are represented by colorful and easy to understand icons for easy finding of tasks.

Though the name of the software is Power MP3 Cutter, the program also supports and cuts WAV files and can also convert MP3 to WAV files and vice versa. If you want to listen to music, you can do it through the music player that is included in the package. Therefore, Power MP3 Cutter is an all-in-one audio utility package that allows you to rip and play audio files.

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Block Website 1.0

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

For many a reason one may want to block specific web sites. The site may be a known malware site, a known phishing site, could be a porno site you want to block from viewing by children and so on. This utility helps you do that by letting you edit and thereby add or delete or correct mistakes in the Windows Hosts file. Hosts file is the file looked up during access to various websites and if there is an entry blocking the URL then none of the browsers used in your system will access the URL. You are able to change, backup / restore settings easily. Block website using entries to hosts file, due to which all browsers will not allow navigation to the blocked website.

The interface is simple. It shows the current content of the Hosts file. The interface has controls “add new entry”, “comment selected”, “Un-comment selected” and “save changes”. The way this would work is when you click on the new entry there’s a pop up that take the URL as well as the IP address of the host to be blocked. If for some reason you want to permit access to an existing blocked entry, simply comment it out. This is actually a temporary change. If need be one just has to un-comment the entry to introduce the ban again.

Overall: Easy to use simple utility meant for a specific task.

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Advanced Windows Optimizer 5.99

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Advanced Windows Optimizer is a collection of tools to optimize and speedup your system performance. It contains utilities to clean registry, temporary files on your disks, erase your application and internet browser history.

Features: Advanced Windows Optimizer is a set of tools that help keep Windows running optimally. The interface represents the arrangement of tools available. On the left there’s a list of major group of functions and as each is selected the interface area on the right shows the tools available in that group. For example the main groups are system cleaners, system optimizers, system control, system tools, registry tools and file tools. System cleaner group contains Disk cleaner, registry cleaner, history cleaner and task scheduler. Disk cleaner cleans up all junk files. Registry cleaner clears off all invalid entries and references from the registry. It is safer to create a back up of the registry first, just in case something goes wrong.

System optimizer group contains duplicate files finder, shortcut fixers and memory optimizer. Duplicate files finder finds and removes un-needed files. Short cut finder finds all the un-connected shortcuts. Memory optimizer optimizes the memory management functions. System control group has system control, BHO remover, startup cleaner and auto shutdown features. System control helps organize & manage system settings. BHO remover helps get rid of un needed browser help objects. Startup cleaner helps clean up the list of start up programs. Auto shutdown helps specify auto shutdown times. System tools group has a process manager, uninstall manager, system information and Windows tools. Process manager and the uninstaller are obvious functions, the Windows Tools is a place where you can startup most important system tools built into Windows. The Registry Editor, Disk Defragmenter or DirectX Diagnostic Tool are just some of them.

Overall: AWO is a fast, small and easy to use power collection of tools that you may need every day. The set of tools is quite extensive, may be you can add a couple of more tools but this set is quite powerful and works well.

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Wondershare PPT to YouTube

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Wondershare PPT to YouTube is a professional PowerPoint to YouTube video converter. It can convert PowerPoint presentations to YouTube MP4, WMV video formats with all the elements in the original PowerPoint retained.

Features: Wondershare PPT to YouTube converts PowerPoint slideshows into video. This is necessary as YouTube accepts only WMV or MP4 formats. PowerPoint is the most popular format for creating presentations contents. YouTube is one of the best ways to share contents with others. This application marries to two so that promotional material created in PowerPoint presentations can be widely distributed. It thus becomes convenient and easy to create video slideshow with PowerPoint and this converter. Distribute through YouTube your creation to the wide open world audience. Business promotion via the YouTube is now enabled through this package. It is likely to yield better results than direct e-mail campaigns.

While converting the slideshows to the WMV or MP4 videos you can retain animations, transitions, sounds and movie clips. The application has batch processing facilities enabling conversion of many files at a time, up to 12 PowerPoint files can be converted in a batch. For converting a slide show import the file into the application. Set the output format you want and then start the process by clicking on the convert button. Convert to MPEG4 DivX or Xvid formats, 640×480 resolution, MP3 audio and 30 FPS for best results. Resulting video should be less than 10 minutes in duration. MP4 video can work with Smartphones and other handheld devices. WMV works with Zune portable media player.

Overall: Nice and easy converter for uploading on YouTube a comprehensive audience.

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WinUtilities Disk Cleaner 3.86

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

WinUtilities Disk Cleaner securely clears obsolete/junk files, duplicate files and broken shortcuts from your computer. By clearing out these unwanted files WinUtilities Disk Cleaner can help you utilize your amount of available hard drive space.

Features: WinUtilities Disk Cleaner lets you free up space in the hard disk by cleaning up unnecessary junk. The junk that is both unnecessary and unwanted. More free space on the disk ensures better performance of your system. Many a Windows applications create quite a few temporary files. When closed they should clean up these temp files. But they pile quite often because some applications do not do this clean up well. A program error that cause unnatural termination of the program, badly designed application and may the shut down was not proper. When installing many applications add folders as well as shortcuts to the desktop and start menu.

One of the reasons these files may get overlooked is they are no real problems most often until a sizeable volume builds up. Most of these residue files are small by themselves. However thy can pile up to a substantial amount quite quickly. With WinUtilities Disk Cleaner you can safely, easily and effectively remove these unwanted and unnecessary files from you computer. The utility also has other tools that help you easily & securely delete these files. Clearing up such unnecessary muck out of the hard disk periodically helps improve performance. The program works with Windows 95, NT4, 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003 Server and Vista.

Overall: Nice enough utility when you are substantially full in the hard disk. But that may be difficult in these days of monster hard disks with capacities in 500 GB to 1 TB of storage. It’d take a lot of time to do a scan of such huge disks too.

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Advanced Audio Recorder 2009

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Advanced Audio Recorder can record any sound passing through any line of your sound card. For example, you can record sound being played back by an external program, sound from a microphone, an external LP, cassette, CD/DVD player, AM/FM. etc.

Pros: Advanced Audio Recorder records any audio passing through the sound card of the system. That includes not only the line-in inputs such microphone or external CD player/music system but any program/games on the computer that plays audio through the sound card. So if you have a stack of vinyl records, old/new CDs that needs to be ripped or a DVD movie whose soundtrack you absolutely love. Cassettes or whatever that needs to be converted to MP3 or some other digital format is fodder for this program.

WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA are the formats it can handle easily. Recording is always with the CD quality default. Settings are available for changing sampling frequency and sample size in bits to have a more compressed file size if you need to. Obviously the quality would not be as good. Automatic start, stop, pause and restart are possible. You are able to set up hot key based controls and schedule recording that can be stopped automatically and the machine shut down. This enables completely un attended sessions. Cut, copy, paste and trim are the editing features that you can use to get a finished product you want. Audio waveform displays help you do these easily visually. High pass. Low pass and notch filtering can help you clean up any noise in the track. Overall the user interface is simple and easy to use too. A built in CD burner lets you create music discs with your own selection of music.

Cons: One should be aware of the copyright issue. One needs to understand that creating copies for own use from material that (CD etc) that you already own is the only situation that is legal.

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MovieSaver 2.0

Monday, August 11th, 2008

We are usually game for online videos and movies, and often wish to download these on our PCs, but due to non availability of an appropriate tool, we usually couldn’t fulfill this wish. However, you can easily get this easily with the help of MovieSaver 2.0. It is an easy to use tool that helps the users in downloading their favorite videos from different video websites. The program supports downloading videos from the sites like YouTube, MySpace, MyVideo, GoogleVideo, Metacafe, Yahoo! Video, etc. The interface of the program is modestly designed, and the video downloading process. In order to start downloading process, you just need to enter the video link, and after the proper analysis of the website, the program would kick off the process. The program is compatible to the flash videos, but it does not require flash player application for the reproduction process.

By using the MovieSaver 2.0 application it becomes an easy task for you to download the videos from various websites. It’s a small utility which helps you get effective output results. Whenever you want to get the videos downloaded, you just need to copy-paste, or drag or drop the video URL into the program. You’re provided with the ‘Video URL’ option, where you need to enter the link for the video. When you have entered the URL, click on ‘Download’ icon shown on the screen, and the program would start analyzing the URL. Finishing the analyzing process, the program starts the downloading the video. The progress level relating to video downloading is shown below the ‘Download’ option to help you know when the video is saved on your system. While processing the mentioned URL, the program enlists the unknown URLs at the bottom side of its interface. To reduce your work, the application provides the drop down list of video websites, thus making them easily accessible. You just need to open the website, watch the videos and get the desired video downloaded.

The MovieSaver 2.0 application utilizes a simple process to download videos and store them to the desired location.

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Decoration 1.0

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

If you have lots of images on your computer but are bored of watching them in the same style then there are chances that you would be looking for a change. To change the look of the pictures and make them look brand new all you need to do is get hold of Decoration 1.0. With its filter option you can select and make the changes to the images as you desire. Make changes to the color border, round corners, gradient frame and apply different effects to the images like drop shadow, mosaic, blur, mirror, tint, etc. You can even perform the functions like rotate, crop, zoom and so on, and adding watermarks to the images. It is even helpful in generating buttons for your website.

The Decoration 1.0 is uncomplicated in usage and does not require any special skill to make the required selections. Easily Load the files from your system or Webpage and you can load multiple files as the software supports batch processing also. You’re also provided with the preview option that makes it easy for you to confirm the selection of the images. Make the selection of the set of filters or create a new set and save it for further use. Make the selections of the changes that you want to be applied to the images like to change the brightness, gamma, glow, and have the image sharpen or use any other one. You can even have the filter parameters changed to suit your requirement like level of color, effect, etc. You can even have the image overwrite or save the output image with another name and select the level of quality for the image. In the same way you can have the button icons changed and edited.

Decoration 1.0 supports batch processing and its simple user interface is good for novice users to work with. It provides various effects that user can play with to modify their images and have fun.

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