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SmartSMSFilter Light for Smartphone 1.0

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Now you can regulate and control the inflow of short messages that you have been receiving in your Smartphone. It is possible with SmartSMSFilter Light for Smartphone 1.0 software. It acts like a filter enabling you to have the SMS blocked or accepted. The software is required to be shifted to the Smartphone for installating to start with the work. Using the program is easy for anyone as the features are not complicated.

SmartSMSFilter Light for Smartphone 1.0 software saves you from the unwanted messages. You can set different features like to accept the messages with signal, without signal or dismiss the messages. You can set these options for the number that you are having in your contact list and also for the numbers that are undefined. Downloading the program is so much easier and the installation is done by transferring the file to the Pocket PC. The Status Bar would display the current Program State and you can select the option for activating the function.

When you activate the Program State you can control the incoming sms. The sms can be controlled to be accepted from particular contacts that are set in the list. If you do not want the incoming sms to be obstructed by the program you can disable it for freely receiving the messages. This can help you to get rid of the unwanted messages that are sent by the network services. The contact list shows the icon for having the sms disabled or enabled from the numbers. You can have the action applied to all the incoming messages and also can have the messages directly saved to the inbox without any signal. You can change the schedule settings by setting the start time, end time and the week days for it. Customize the option relating to the default message action and selecting contact list format. The help file gives all the information from the downloading to the working of the program.

{More Info and Download}

‘Extremely critical’ flaws hit Yahoo Messenger

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

web_msg_pic_1.jpgTwo ‘extremely critical’ vulnerabilities have been discovered in Yahoo Messenger that could be exploited by malicious users to compromise a system.

The boundary errors have been confirmed in version of the messaging software, but other versions may also be affected.

Both flaws are based around the Yahoo Webcam facilities within the software. The problems occur in the ‘ywcupl.dll’ file that deals with the Webcam Upload, and the ‘ywcvwr.dll’ file which handles the Webcam Viewer.

Both ActiveX controls can be exploited to cause a stack-based buffer overflow by assigning an overly long string to the Server property and then using the ‘Send()’ or ‘Receive()’ actions.

A successful execution of the exploits could allow arbitrary code to be run on the affected machine.

Security firm Secunia rated the flaws at its highest ‘extremely critical’ level, and said that the problems can be blocked by changing the kill-bit settings for the affected ActiveX controls. (more…)

Miranda IM – Small, Faster, Easier Instant Messenger Client

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

miranda.gifIf you are a Windows User and you have been searching for a multi protocol IM client that is easy to install and very efficient, then you need search no further, Miranda IM is up to the task.

Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows. Designed to be resource efficient and very easy to use, this cool tool uses very little memory, requires no installation and can easily be carried around on a retrievable media like flash drives or floppy discs.

According to the publisher: “The goal of this project is not to duplicate the functionality of AOL’s ICQ Client, but to design a client that has the basic features that is designed for mouse-less operation with a small memory requirement.”

If you ask me, I’ll say the program does just that. This is not one of those software that are “all hype and no help”, it’s really cool and very efficient. Scour the internet and check out all top review sites, everyone agrees that this software is really something great.

Go to  to check it out. It’s open source, that means it’s free to use and even modify.

Skype 1.4 Alpha for Linux released

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

skype.jpgSkype 1.4 Alpha for Linux has been released, with quality improvements:

  • Audio quality improvements, on par with Windows 3.2 and Mac 2.6;
  • More reliable code, thanks to a major rewrite building on Trolltech’s Qt 4.2;
  • Better device detection;
  • ALSA plugins support;
  • UI improvements for file transfer and general layout.

Also there’re still some problems with this Alpha release:

  • There are no contact list groups;
  • You can’t create new accounts;
  • There’s no alert message if your chat message is undelivered.

 So you can try it here, but if you to use Skype on Linux without any problems get the October 2006 gold build. (more…)

“Oh, Don’t Forget..” Free text message reminders

Monday, March 5th, 2007

badge.gifThis is a free online service that lets you send a text message via the internet to be delivered to your or a friends phone at a later date. This can be very useful to remind yourself or someone you know to do something, attend an event, etc. Anything you may need a reminder of sometime in the future.

At the moment the service they provide is only available in the US and with selected canadian cell providers.
You simply visit the website and input the cellphone number you want the message delivered to, the date and time (it will match your computers timezone) and the message. Here it is!

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