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MyStickies – Take note!

Friday, October 5th, 2007

stickies_screenshot_bg.jpgWhen you do a lot of web surfing it’s useful to bookmark webpages, but with today’s information overload of so many webpages, you can soon forget why you even bookmarked a page in the first place! Thats why something like MyStickies can be handy. It lets you add a “sticky note” to a webpage, so you can type a quick note on it.

No one else can see this but you, so next time you return to that page, you can see the note you left yourself about it! You can even see your notes when using other computers!

So if you’re the forgetful type, go check it out!

The Axigen Mail Server

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

axigen-environment.jpgAlmost every large business, public school system, and individual has an email address, but using a free email from a random source may not be the best way to stay organized with your company or school. That is why companies and schools purchase mail servers to do the job for them. This way, only people that are in direct connection with the company or school may join, and there is much less opportunity for spam and viruses to infect the system.

Axigen is one of these personal mail servers which has just hit the market. It has been tested to accept emails from outside mail clients, as well as working with all of the major internet browsers. These tests have eliminated almost all of the major issues that may have made the program obsolete in the real world.

Now that Axigen has become better developed and ready to hit the streets, there are several different versions available. One of these versions is specifically for working with a Linux operating system. The other version is for use with any of the other large operating systems. Probably one of the greatest features of this program is the ability to work on any computer rather than being limited to one operating system or another.

Modeled after many of the older mail servers, this new Axigen version has started off on the right foot, and is expected to grow in popularity very quickly. As a mail server, Axigen has done a great job thus far of covering all of their bases. Of course, since this is a brand new program, there will surely be fixes that need to be taken care of. However, at this point in time, the program download is available to those who are interested in creating their own server. To some, the cost of downloading such a new program is a little bit high, but others believe that if the program continues to develop as well as it already has, the price is definitely worthwhile. Axigen is very similar to some of the other large mail servers and gives you almost all of the same capabilities, still at a competitive cost to the other available servers. Axigen is really making strides toward becoming a very popular mail server in the near future.

If you are interested in setting up your own mail server and trying out a fairly new program, check out and download the full version program today.

Wink 2.0 Build 1000 – A Free Tutorial Creation Software

Friday, September 7th, 2007

wink.pngOne of the big parts of the online world today centers on creating tutorials. There are so many different people discovering the internet every single day in today’s world that in order to help them along it is important for people to create tutorials. Online tutorials or alternatively tutorial software is easy to use and if done right can make things fun for the person during what might otherwise be something that is quite boring to learn. Of course, unless you have a lot of time, chances are that you aren’t going to be too thrilled with the prospect of creating a tutorial from scratch.

This is where Wink 2.0 Build 1000 comes in. It is a tutorial creation software that is completely free to use. Basically, you can use it to do things like capture screenshots to use within your tutorial, import pictures that you already have, provide explanatory captions, provide step by step instructions and even provide navigation for the tutorial so that you can split different sections of the tutorial up into different parts. It is also something that allows you to actually show mouse movements to different parts of software, so that there is absolutely no way that someone reading your tutorial could mix something up. It finally has the ability to create tutorials in flash format, executable format, .pdf format, .html format or many other commonly used tutorial formats.

More information is available from

Loan Calculator Plus

Friday, September 7th, 2007

956117285-1.gifLoans are a big part of the lives of most people now, simply because a well thought out and well executed loan can bring you something big in your life well before you would have been able to get it otherwise. Mortgages, home equity loans, lines of credit and a number of other loans are taken out every day by people from different walks of life all hoping to be able to use the loan in order to help better their lives. Calculators are helpful when it comes to using loans and therefore it is important for people interested in loans to have software to help them along.

That is where the Loan*Calculator! Plus 2.6 comes in.  It is a piece of software containing seven different types of loan calculators. It includes a calculator for simple interest (only applied once a year) and compounded interest (calculated and applied multiple times each year). It also has calculators to help you calculate the factors of your loan as well as a calculator to help you figure out what your exact remaining balance is. In addition to that, it has a feature that can calculate your amortization schedule as well as an advisor function that can help you with potential refinances. In addition to that, it also has accelerated payment and balloon payment calculators.

It’s completely free to download and more information is available at – Simple way to share files

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

logo_mainpage_black.jpgIf you want a simple and fast way to share a file with a friend or friends, you might wanna checkout The site layout is foolproof to use with a neat and tidy design that’s easy on the eyes. You can also choose more than one file at once, you can do this simply by holding down the control key as you’re selecting multiple files, and it allows you to send up to 1 GB.

Upon uploading, you’re taken to a screen where you can copy the link to the file and share it with your friends, this page also tells you how many times the file has been downloaded.When uploading, you’re also given the option to enter your friend’s email address, this will then send them a link they can download the file from, additional optional choices are to include your email address and a message to your friend.

This site is pretty basic but does as it says, although some more details such as the length of time the file remains shared may have been useful to include. Check it our for yourself here.

ooVoo – Video Chatting redefined

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

1180427299-1.jpgWith the recent boom of the internet, one thing that has become a whole lot popular is the concept of online chat. However, the concept of online chat has really evolved from what it used to be.  Chat used to be IRC and rooms on different internet sites with little more functionality than being able to type in something and then have that something appear in the chat room.  And while a lot of people enjoyed that and in the case of IRC still enjoy it, many others thirsted for more.

Well, MSN got things started and with MSN’s live chat feature allowing for the first time a lot of great video chatting features, what people eventually saw was that there was demand for such a thing.   And this is the demand that ooVoo fills with its presence.

One of the best things about this program is that it can actually support up to six users at the exact same time.   In addition to that, you can also send video files back and forth between ooVoo users and even send such files to people that don’t have the software installed!  It is simply an amazing piece of software and because of its free status, it is one that people have really embraced.

More information can be found at

Axara YouTube Tools 2.2.5

Monday, August 27th, 2007

box.jpgThe craze for YouTube is crossing limits and many of us can’t stop watching all those interesting videos out there. However many of us would really love to download them from YouTube on your personal computer or mobile phone. Axara YouTube Tools let you download the videos with ease. It has other utilities that would enhance your working with the videos.

The software has option for downloading the YouTube videos in the chosen formats. The program has a pleasant color screen with simple functions. You need to copy the URL of the page containing the video. Select the destination folder for downloading the video. You can keep the information same or change the file name and the video profile.  The additional settings let you have the preview, select the batch mode or choose to split file. You can watch the preview at the bottom of the screen. The four utilities options below the screen let you to set the profile, edit the video, convert to other format and download. The video can be converted to supported formats by the options given on the top of the screen. The options for the conversion are ‘To AVI’, ‘To MPEG’, ‘To MOV’, ‘To WMV’ and ‘To SWF’. It supports various audio formats also. The software enables conversion from one format to the other one easily. The space below the screen the shows the conversion progress, the elapsed time and the remaining time. It also has the option to stop the download anytime. The software also consists of the editor that would let you cut the parts of the videos not required by you. The left side of the screen shows the option like PC, Laptop, ipod, etc. These options are there for making the video formats according to the video playing devices. Overall it’s a one great utility that you would surely like have on your system.

(More info and Download)

RatePoint Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

Friday, August 24th, 2007

One of the most interesting aspects of the recent internet boom is the emergence of a number of different interactive websites. Collectively referred to as web 2.0, many of these websites require input and active effort from the people that are members of the sites and indeed it is that interactive element that really drives the interest that so many people have in websites like this.

At the core of the web 2.0 revolution is the concept of social networking. The social networking websites have really changed the way that people look at the internet nowadays and many people will tell you right off the bat that this is for the better. But what if you could have a piece of software that acted like a social website no matter what you were doing on the internet? Wouldn’t that be absolutely fantastic?

Well, take a look at the RatePoint Toolbar! It is a toolbar that allows you to actually rate every single website that you come across. Then, based on the ratings that you give, you are then connected to websites that the software thinks you will enjoy specifically because of the ratings that you give off. It is a very cool and nifty way of doing business and it can actually help you come across some very amazing websites that you would never have been able to find under different circumstances.

There is actually a version of the Toolbar available for internet explorer users as well and if you are interested in learning more you can head on over to the software’s homepage at

Nexus Radio 2.1

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

nexus.jpgThe Nexus Radio 2.1 is a software that would make listening to radio so much more enjoyable. The software is great in its functioning and the users would take pleasure in operating it. With its different options to play around with music it will definitely make for great listening pleasure.

The download will take at least a minute and the installation is smooth as a cakewalk. The opening screen is a mix of deep reddish brown shade colors that looks simply elegant. The screen view starts with a volume level bar at the top. Below that on the left side there are ‘Main Menu’ options listed below. The screen at the center shows the menu option’s features when selected. You can choose the station genre from the shown options according to your mood or choice. Choose the station you want to listen from the genre list. By just a click you can record the music, add to favorites and get station info. Music can be played, stopped or mute any time. It has the functions to set the recording time, select the output folder and view schedule. Remove the item that you don’t need and save the recording. Adding and editing the favorites is easy and even the genre for the station could be selected. The MP3 recordings can be named and saved to any media device. The music can be enjoyed and made interesting by visual effects with full screen option. The audio effects can be reset as to the choice and the equalizer settings can be changed. You can anytime change the general and recording settings. There are options to save history, auto reconnect, auto update and so on. The best feature is that the program can be automatically recorded even when you are not at home.

The playlists can be effortlessly stored and there are many other interesting options. The program provides you with a detailed help guide to know about its functioning. Nexus Radio makes listening to radio a blissful experience and is expected make many converts.

(More info and Download)

RapidTyping Typing Tutor

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

main_full.gifWith RapidTyping Typing Tutor, learning the art of typing becomes real fun. It’s never been so easy to learn typing in an entertaining way. The best about this software is that it’s very easy to operate and has an appealing interface.

The software is easy to download and gets installed in fewer seconds. It opens up with a screen having an under water world view in a blue frame. On its left side three options appear for current lesson screen, statistics screen and lesson editor view. The very first screen is the current lesson screen that deals with typing. The second option tells about the speed and rate of mistakes. By the third option you can create new lesson all by yourself or select from the given lesson folders. You can change the color of frame according to your choice. Kids would have fun exploring the new creatures as they type in more words. Once you are done with typing the complete lesson the speed, accuracy and time is shown automatically.  There are two yellow color options on the top right. The first ‘?’ symbol is for updating of software and the other one is for more options. The options dialog box shows information about the hotkeys, sound options, languages, keyboard, etc. You can create a new user identity to do the typing. The animation can be enabled or disabled according to how you want the typing screen to be. At the bottom of the main screen appear three icons showing the level of, how much text you have type, your mistakes and your speed.

There is hardly any feature that the software fails to address about basic typing. It never even attempts at being sophisticated typing software but rather concentrates on doing basics. Rapid Typing tutor is a good software that the kids and even the grown ups can enjoy. Knowing the features and having a trial would definitely make you own it.

(More info and Download)

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