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LeechBlock – Take back your time!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

2.pngLeechblock is an add-on for Firefox which aims to help you get more out of your time. It does this by allowing you to selectively block access to websites defined by you during certain hours of certain days or everyday if you prefer.

So in theory, no longer will you waste too much time on things such as browsing social network sites and other peoples social bookmarks or reading too much of a certain free encyclopedia website. Instead, you can use your time more productively and exclude those time-eating activities to certain hours only or certain days only.

It also allows you to add a password, not to protect it, but to make it more difficult for you to try to by-pass it during moments of weakness! It’s highly customizable and does what it says, (at least until you give in and disable it!)

Check it out at the LeechBlock homepage here.

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