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SWiSH Max – Flash Animation Made Easy

O. James Samson - September 10, 2007

1087380508-1.gifFlash animation is really going to be a big part of the internet for a time to come, simply because so many people are able to derive so much pleasure out of both the creation and the viewing of flash animations. Everything from political songs to humorous skits to hilarious games have been created in flash format and that is why the ability to create flash animations is such an important one for people to have. Of course, the Macromedia Flash software is horrendously expensive and that is why software like the SWiSH Max 1.0 Build 2006.06.29 is so important.

This piece of software literally has everything you could possibly need in order to make beautiful flash animations. These animations can be made to be completely interactive because you can use the software to make shapes and motion paths, amongst all of the other typical flash features.  One of the interesting aspects of the program is the fact that it has 230 built-in animated effects for you to use and it also has scripting language functionality for people that would like to use it to create exceptionally detailed and complicated flash animations.

More information can be found on the product’s homepage.

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  1. Free Flash Clock Says:

    Can this software able to create flash clocks?

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