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Foxit Reader (PDF reader)

Ryan Kulla - October 8, 2006

Foxit Reader is a great alternative to Adobe Reader for reading and printing your PDF files because it’s much lighter, faster and friendlier.

Foxit Reader is very fast, it loads up in a second and without any splash screens. Foxit doesn’t even require you to install it, you just run the standalone .exe, so it’s perfect for putting on a disk and using on other computers.

It’s also a lot easier to configure than Adobe Reader. For example, in Adobe Reader if wanted to change the background color of the reader from the default white, to another color, you would have to go into ‘Edit->Preferences->Accessibility’ and replace the document colors that way; this isn’t very intuitive and took me a while to figure out. However, in Foxit Reader all you have to do is go to ‘Edit->preferences->Document Colors’.

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  1. troyhopkins Says:

    I agree!! Foxit PDF Reader is a nice alternative to Adobe Reader. No annoying splash screens, no lengthy installation process and faster. I needed a more heavy duty software that would let me change text and insert pictures – Reader can’t do this. Both Foxit PDF Editor and Nitro PDF Professional worked well for me. I went with Nitro PDF Professional in the end – bc it was on sale at their online store.

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