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The Wizard’s Castle: Should be more fun

Mark Rollins - October 24, 2006

The Wizard’s Castle is very similar to a game that I played on my mom’s IBM when I was a lad of fifteen. Games were never good quality back in the early eighties, and we’ve really grown a lot since then.  The Wizard’s Castle is a reminder why computer games grew up. 

This game is played on a 8×8 grid that is full of question marks. You are the main character who explores every room, and any unsearched room has a big question mark over it.  In the rooms are a treasure, a monster, a book, or a vendor.  You get the idea.   

Apparently, your goal is to find the “Orb of Zot”.  Doesn’t look like the game developer took much time to develop a backstory. As I mentioned before, I remember playing a game like this years ago. Back then, I could never see the grid, and had to keep track of my quest with pencil and paper.  This is still the same concept, the only difference is I can see what is in a room before I enter it.  Also, everytime you face a foe, you see an image that looks like it has been plucked out of Lord of The Rings.



Essentially, this game is made to look like Dungeons and Dragons.  You can even pick out a character class, and buy items such as a sword or armor.  Of course, a lot of the money you get goes to pay for a lamp.  

The keyboard controls are very confusing.  Apparently, every letter does something.  A for attack, C for Cast Spell, R for Retreat, and so on.  However, when I pushed H for Help, all I got was a screen that said “Action Cancelled”.  Here’s what I was able to figure out.  If you enter a room with stairs, U takes you up the stairs and D takes you down.  By the way, going up and down stairs takes you to another level with a whole bunch of question marks. Also the F key lights up a flare, if you have one. 

On the whole, this game just wasn’t worth taking up my time. There are better games to get in to. You can download Wizard’s Castle here

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3 Responses to “The Wizard’s Castle: Should be more fun”

  1. Derell Licht Says:

    Greetings!! As the author of this program, I wanted to observe that if you download a more recent version of the program, the Help screen *should* work now!! It took me awhile to figure out how to hook into that MS help system consistently.

    Otherwise, the program is indeed primitive – it was my intent from the beginning to preserve the original interface of the game, I just wanted to eliminate the mapping annoyances…

  2. michael Says:

    Hi, I am looking forward to playing the Game, Please advice where can I download the game?

    Kind regards,


  3. Dominic De Silva Says:

    Fun game, I downloaded this 5 years ago but still I play it sometimes.

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