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xplorer2 lite (freeware filemanager)

Ryan Kulla - November 3, 2006

x2promo.jpgOkay, it’s time to put away Windows Explorer for good. xplorer2 lite is a very fast and innovative freeware file manager for Windows. Unlike Windows Explorer it has a tabbed interface–so you will no longer need to have multiple Windows Explorer’s open!

What’s also great is that it remembers what folders/tabs you had open the last time you used it; so you won’t have to renavigate to them every time you start the program. xplorer2 lite has many other features such as favorites, file previews, mass renaming and many other features you can find listed on its homepage.

I used to use ExplorerXP but it’s buggy and doesn’t seem to be developed on very often. Dragging files often didn’t work, renaming by the typical 2-slow-clicks on a filename didn’t work, and it didn’t show my Gmail Drive, plus it seems to take twice the RAM to run than xplorer2 lite. I also tried other freeware file managers like FreeCommander, A43, JExplorer and others, but they either didn’t support tabs or just didn’t work as well as xplorer2 lite.

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