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Adobe Soundbooth: An Audio Editor tool for novices & Visual Professionals

Rohit Malik - November 5, 2006

Adobe Soundbooth is a new audio application by Adobe for Video, Flash and other such visual professionals who are not comfortable with complexity of Applications like Adobe Audition. It will be included in Adobe Video Production Bundle next year replacing Audition. It’s a wonderful application for quick audio editing without going through the steep curve of an advanced Audio application which is basically designed for Audio professionals. But things are changed with the arrival of Soundbooth. It will make it a breeze to edit audio with very intuitive interface which will make all visual designers & audio novices to finish their audio related work with much ease without the trouble of learning the nuisances of complex audio applications which are good for Audio Experts only.


It is integrated with Flash Cue points and exports the markers as XML file. You will see ‘Edit in Soundbooth’ inside Adobe Premiere Features like these will make life much easier for video & interactive designers.

You can quickly do most common tasks like removing noise, rumbling sounds or click & pops which are under ‘Tasks’ tab. Extract Audios from avi, wmv files, apply effects. It can also prove to be a wonderful tool for podcasters to quickly record & enhance their podcasts & reach out to the world.

So, this is a new entrant in the Audio Market which will be launched in 2007 and hopefully, it won’t get cluttered like Advanced Audio Applications in the coming years. It will be interesting to watch the progress of Soundbooth which promises to finish our audio tasks quickly without dealing with complex set of tools.

You can download Soundbooth Beta from here.

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    jai rien a dire

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  3. David Buckner Says:

    Been reading for a few days now. This was very helpful and solid information. BTW, I like your site design as well. I enjoyed reading it and hopefully you will write more soon. Do you have a newsletter?

  4. PG Says:

    This product sounds great. Sounds easy to use and performs often needed functions.

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