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Virtual Sandbox

O. James Samson - May 28, 2008

When you consider all of the excellent software packages out there that have the ability to help you with problems that you might have regarding spyware and viruses, there are not that many programs that can do this for free. While the Virtual Sandbox is normally a piece of software that would cost you money to purchase, they also release a free version of their software that has lower functionality, but can still get the job done for a cost that anyone can afford.

The Virtual Sandbox’s free edition is a piece of software that you can still use for privacy protection, safe isolation of infected files and their deletion and a number of different methods for blocking programs that are potentially harmful from ever making it into your computer in the first place. The latest version of the free Virtual Sandbox, released just a few days ago, includes additional functionality in all of these areas so that you can really see what the Sandbox is capable of doing.

For more information about this program and to see additional screenshots, you can visit the website that was created for it at

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2 Responses to “Virtual Sandbox”

  1. Aubrey Roberts Says:

    Spywares and Viruses do really give me one heck of a headache.,:”

  2. INGAAS : Says:

    there are literally tons of spywares and viruses lurking on the internet so we should always be careful when donwloading stuffs~;,

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