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Ryan Kulla - June 24, 2008

AresCalc can perform arithmetic operations in either Reverse Polish Notation or Algebraic mode and save the calculation process as a program or a function.

Pros: AresCalc has not only programmability available but also a set of important functions. This program simulator implements a programmable calculator and like a real-life programmable tool can save the steps of calculation as an algorithm or a function. So that on when repeated evaluation is required it is only the parameters that need to be entered not all the steps of calculation. The interface implemented resembles a programmable calculator with a page on the side that prints the input values and the results.

Arithmetic operations can be carried out in either RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) or ALG (Algebraic) modes. Besides, a range of functions is implemented. These are in the categories of algebraic, trigonometric, hyperbolic, date, statistical, and financial functions and are 100+ in numbers. The calculator has additional groups of functions that are useful for financial calculations, date related calculations, unit conversions etc. Financial calculations available are loan repayment calculations, depreciation, cash flow and interest rate conversion calculations. Date related functions help find information related to dates based on the structure of the calendar. It can quickly calculate for example, the date on the 3rd Sunday from today and things like that. Unit conversion can help with 100 odd unit conversions. Required parameters are prompted through pop up pages. As an element of fun you could change skins to suit your mood.

Cons: Calculations in hexadecimal and octal base would really have been useful for programmers. Being the version 1 of the program one ought to be careful as usually these versions have the most probability of throwing up bugs at you.

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