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CoffeeCup Web Form Builder 7.9

Tilgore Kraut - August 25, 2008

CoffeeCup Flash Form Builder is a drag and drop program that creates the most unbelievable Web Forms you have ever seen. Add Input Boxes, Text Areas, Lists, Drop Down Boxes, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons etc.

Pros: Webforms are highly useful elements in building a website particularly any kind of site that registers its users. This application provides the tools for creation of a webform and its constituent elements. Typical such elements are Input Boxes, Text Areas, Lists, Drop Down Boxes, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons and so on. The editor provides simple drag & drop facility to easy creating an attractive layout for a form that you need on your site. While the underlying code is in Flash, XML, PHP etc that are the vehicles of all modern sites, the user does not have to know them. In fact he does not even need to be aware of it. All it takes thereafter is to combine it with the code for the rest of the page and simply upload the package and you are done. You can also add images and backgrounds and customize your E-mail forms or surveys with color, fonts, borders and highlights. A range of templates of Buttons, Backgrounds, and XP Style Icons are available or use your own designs and images to make unique business or personal Forms that suit your style.

The interface is very functional with the tools on top and the settings on the right of the creation area. The elements also include the facility to add a CAPTCHA element to the form that ensures only human beings are filling the form. Preview and upload helps make sure the form was created exactly the way you wanted to and is placed on your site where you wanted it to be located.

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