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Macvide VideoFlash Converter 1.7.3

Tilgore Kraut - October 31, 2008

With the soaring popularity of video sharing sites, most of us have started sharing our video with the entire web fraternity. But, the real snag comes while uploading these videos, as due to their large sizes, these videos take substantive amount of time to get upload on your system. The issue can be addressed by compressing these large video files into smaller flash files, as it takes lesser time in uploading. To convert videos of various formats into SWF or FLV effectively, you can try out Macvide VideoFlash Converter 1.7.3 application. The utility is compatible with Apple Mac and converts videos with AVI, MOV, MPG, WMV, ASF, DivX, etc formats without compromising the quality. The easy operable features of the application make it apt for both experts as well as novice users.

The interface of the Macvide VideoFlash Converter 1.7.3 application has been well-designed to suit the user’s needs. To begin the video conversion process first you need to browse and choose the Input File. Selecting the file the application displays the ‘Source Video’ and ‘Source Audio’ details. You can easily confirm the video file selection as the application provides you with Preview feature. This also helps the users while performing the cropping function. The application consists of cropping feature that enables you to form small video clips and even modify the video height, width, etc. Further, you need to select the Output File destination, and then make the selection of ‘Settings’. With the Change Settings option you can set the Resolution of the video. Moving further, you can select the quality, bitrate, and FPS for the video quality. Enable/disable the audio settings as required, and make the selection of the output format to swf or flv. Selecting the features, you simply need to click on ‘Start’ for commencing the video conversion process.

Macvide VideoFlash Converter 1.7.3 application supports Mac users in converting various video file formats into web compatible flash file.

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