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Greenshot – Image capture tool

Ciaran Moore - May 4, 2009

Greenshot is a screenshot utility, supporting numerous image types, for saving part or all of your screen as an image file.

This utility requires only a small amount of memory, a real positive over similar programs that can really hog your memory. Hotkeys keep it uncomplicated and you are able to get at an options menu with a simple right click. You can opt to capture just the visible window, a part of it or the full screen. When you capture the image the editor will just about instantly open and let you add text boxes or shapes such as boxes, arrows etc, to your image. Then you can save it in your image format of choice or send it to a printer.

The area to be captured turns green, this helps you in making sure you’ve selected the right area. As the program captures the image, it makes a sound like a camera’s shutter.

It also has hotkey support, to make things even more convenient, and also some other things can be customized to your liking.

Greenshot is a little utility, fast to download and effective without unneeded bells and whistles. It serves its purpose well without excessively burdening your computer. So if you’re looking for an image capturing tool, you might wanna try this out.

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