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O. James Samson - May 28, 2009

BroadCam is a free application developed by NCH Software which is one of the world’s most popular software company for audio and video. This powerful application allows users to stream videos online using only the webcam and microphone from user’s computer. The application can also play pre-recorded videos and automatically stream them when requested by viewers.

The application is very straightforward. You simply connect your webcam and microphone to the software and the link will be provided for your viewers to click on. You can immediately share the link generated by the application so that users can log in anytime they prefer. The application also comes with use controls wherein viewers can be invited as well as blocked based on their IP address. Watermarks can even be integrated with the application which is very useful for company logos or just photos you wanted to add in your video.

Aside from the user’s end of enjoying the full features of the application, viewers can also control connection based on their preferences. If they think the required bandwidth is taking up too much of their connection, they can simply switch to dial-up mode of the streaming video. The software will adjust the video resolution to allow voice to be heard and videos to be seen even in weak connections.

BroadCam can be downloaded and used for free for personal uses. Professional version of the application is also available. The only difference between the professional and the free edition is the presence of NCH Software watermarks in the video.

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