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O. James Samson - May 30, 2009

Daphne is very powerful application that helps users control the running applications in their system. The application can practically stop the application at will instantly. The application basically emulates the functions of a task manager wherein it displays the available applications that could be stopped. Memory usage in the application is also added to monitor the remaining capacity of the computer.

Although Daphne is almost the same with the task manager of windows, it does not require any additional processes before it can stop the application. You can practically stop the application while running other applications in the background. The application is also installed in the system tray wherein additional functions could be accessed by right clicking on the Daphne icon. Daphne has a command that could terminate all applications running on the desktop. Hidden applications could also be traced by Daphne and be forcibly switched off by users.

Daphne can also help users uninstall the application right on the desktop. The application could be launched from the system tray and users can ask Daphne to list all available applications. Right clicking on the applications on the list will give users an option to initiate uninstall.

But before you download and use the application to terminate some tasks, be careful on forcibly terminating functions especially those that run in the background. Some applications are very important in the windows process that disabling them could harm your computer or stop it from working permanently. Be sure to deal only with the applications that you are very familiar with.

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