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O. James Samson - July 29, 2009

RamSmash is the latest innovation when it comes to managing and controlling the computer’s memory in the most efficient way. RamSmash allows the user of the computer to asses, access, and control, contain, and manage his computer’s memory, which is one of the most crucial components of the computer.

With RamSmash, the ability of modifying the computer’s memory has never been this easy! Any one could possibly do it, no need to call on highly specialized and trained computer technicians in order to manage the memory. No need to download complicated programs in the internet and buy expensive geeky software that promises a total control over the computer’s memory. There are lots of software programs available for managing the computer’s memory for better performance but a lot of them only fail to achieve the desired results by the user. Most of them fail to use these programs correctly because of the complicated user interface, options, and menus. With RamSmash, almost anyone could use the program efficiently and navigate through the options and menu fast.

By using RamSmash, the user is ensured of having a computer system that is healthy and always refreshed because of RamSmash’s ability to instantly manage the memory to its proper allocation and working status. There is no more worry of persistent freezing and bumps because with Ram Smash, every byte is well taken care of!

With the ability of the user to allocate memory that will be used for the basic operations up to the most complicated ones, RamSmash can instantly allot the requested number of memory and reserve the remaining memory for future use. Truly an innovative product!

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