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Removable Storage Protector

O. James Samson - August 27, 2009

Removable Storage Protector (or RSP as labeled by its developer) is an encryption tool that allows complete protection of data for various portable storage devices. Data stored in flash disks, portable hard drives and other storage devices will never be read by any computer easily with this application. The computer needs to have an installed RSP application and provide the necessary credentials just to read the data in the portable storage device. If you lose your portable storage device, no one can read the data in case the storage device is found.

Implementing the security feature in the storage device is very simple. The application should be installed in the portable storage device and in the preferred computer. The user will open the application in the storage device and indicate the password so that the security protocol will be implemented.

There are however, limitations in the application. Users who implement this security application can only protect the data but cannot render the portable storage device useless when found. That means the storage device can still be reused through simple formatting. The data will not be read but it can be deleted or destroyed.

The application comes in two versions: the free, but limited version and the unlimited version. The only difference of the unlimited to the free version is the storage capacity of the portable device. The free version can only protect up to 4GB of storage. But even though the storage capacity is limited, 4GB is already considered a large capacity for a portable storage device since these gadgets are usually for office documents and rarely for multimedia.

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  1. John Says:

    Removable Storage Protector is an excellent encryption tool for data protection for various portable storage devices.

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