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O. James Samson - September 29, 2009

Windows from Microsoft is the most popular type of operating system today, and while it has many good features that people like, anything that is mass produced, even a software program that is highly customizable can do with a bit of tweaking now and then.

Like many people, I had problems with the Explorer, it explores too many things and doesn’t really always find the files that I’m looking for. Since I didn’t want to change the operating system on my computer, I opted to change the file management software instead, and found the XYplorer to be a suitable replacement.

The first thing you will most probably notice is that web browsing becomes faster and more relevant. With this software, you can also customize applications even more. You can even set it up to do the things that you usually do on the web, as if on automated mode- it is like having a virtual assistant that sets up your computer just the way you like it whenever you turn it on.

The advantage of XYplorer over other Windows compatible file managers is that it will work even with the older versions of the operating system, and you don’t even have to upload it into the system. That means my system and my registry will remain the same. It also means that it will not be placing bugs into the computer, or messing it up in any other way. It’s just a little helper that makes things easier for me. Look more into it at their site named and try it.

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