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Wine 1.1.37

O. James Samson - January 26, 2010

This is for those who would like to have their computer run a Unix-like operating system while the X Windows System run x86 programs for Microsoft Windows.  For those whose interest is to port a Windows application to a Unix-like system can also compile it against the program’s libraries.

Most open source programs impress me these days; Wine 1.1.37 is one of them. Users can run most Windows programs with very little flaws. Though some few users may not agree with some features of this program, the fact that it is an open source makes it a fair program. At least the publishers have always taken their time to introduce new changes each time any update is released.

Version 1.1.37 has been modified to have some new additions to make it work better than previous versions. Some of the new additions are: A number of fixes in AVI File support; Several MSXML improvements; and fixing of some minor bugs noticed in the last version.

To check it out, visit Wine

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