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WirelessKeyView 1.32

O. James Samson - January 28, 2010

A moderate application that helps to recover network keys such as: WEP/WPA stored in a system by what is known as Wireless Zero Configuration service of Windows XP and by the WLAN Autoconfig service of Windows Vista. Users can easily save all keys to text/html files, or copy a single key to clipboard.

The pleasant thing about this program is not only that it can be downloaded freely, but that it can compete with other paid programs. Really, if you are the type that forgets keys easily or probably you got a lot of keys, WirelessKeyView 1.32 can help you recover them. It also protects your keys from outsiders.

Migrating from one operating system or computer to another could cause you some problems if you do not remember the keys. This is one area where I quite commend the publishers. At least you are certainly not going to have problems with your keys any longer. Let me just add that WirelessKeyView 1.32 can only recover keys already stored on your Windows Operating Systems and not those stored by third parties.

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