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Ciaran Moore - May 14, 2010

Your hard drive is an important hardware component of your computer system. But as more and more programs and software are installed in your hard drive, your disk becomes prone to errors. Other factors that contribute to hard disk errors include frequent deletion of files, uninstalling, and installing malicious programs.

Hard Drive containing errors might affect the overall performance of your computer, or worse may damage your hard drive. If you want to diagnose your disk for possible errors, CheckDrive software is the program that you need.

CheckDrive is a utility program for diagnosing and identifying errors from your hard drive.The good thing about CheckDrive is that it is freeware and available for free download with a file size of 7.64 MB, so you can have it with less than 1 minute without spending a cent for a license. Installation of CheckDrive requires little space from your hard drive and does not hog system resources particularly your computer RAM when running the program.

The main functionality of CheckDrive is to check your hard drive for possible errors and then try its very best in attempting to correct those errors. However, it is important to note that there are errors that are impossible to correct so there are limits of the performance of this program. The programs works like the check disk command in Windows, but CheckDrive provides a much better user interface than check disk. Aside from checking and correcting errors, It also displays information of your hard drive such as its model and serial number, and displays fragmentation details of your hard drive. It also allows you to defragment your hard disk to increase performance.

CheckDrive is useful for checking and correcting errors from your hard drive because it’s free to use, needs minimal hardware, and does not affect performance of your computer.

You can get the latest version from

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