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Ciaran Moore - May 31, 2010

Writing journals of what’s happening on your life is a good thing to do to release stresses inside your body. Reading what you have written is also a good pastime. But doing it on pen and paper is an obsolete idea as laptops and desktops are changing the means of writing journals nowadays. You can even publish your daily journal on the Internet through a personal blog. Well, if you aren’t fortunate to have Internet connections to publish your work online don’t lose your hope yet (or maybe you want to keep it private) as you can write a daily journal offline with a feeling of writing for your blog using a journal software called RedNotebook.

RedNotebook is an application that allows user to create diaries and journals on a daily basis. The program runs only on Windows platform and requires at least 60 MB of free disk space.

Purely text based, that’s how to describe the user interface of the program. The program provides large window to ensure that user would have a larger typing space. Though it’s graphical, the user interface is easy to understand and use.

Let’s focus on the features and tools of the program. The program provides rich features on creating and formatting journal entry. In fact, when you write content, it feels like you’re writing directly on your blog. It provides a calendar that can be navigated to view the content written on that particular day. Text formatting is provided for a more readable journal and also to provide emphasis on key points.

Same with blog’s editor, you can also insert pictures, links, and other files within your post. You can also supply tags or categories for your post to organize your journals based on the categories supplied. You are also allowed to export a journal to different file formats; text, html and latex formats. This feature is useful if you want to transfer your journal to a personal blog because you don’t have to edit the formatting. Install the program to explore other features included in the program.

RedNotebook is the perfect journal software for users who want to write their diaries. You can format the contents well, can organize topics by categories, and can even include images to make your journal interesting. Most of all its free to use so you can utilize all features at no cost at all. The program is highly recommended for both advanced and novice users.

It offers interesting features and unique ways on creating and formatting your journal. You can have all these features free of charge as the program is free to download at

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One Response to “RedNotebook”

  1. Jim Gribbin Says:

    “The program runs only on Windows platform…”?

    I don’t know which came out first, but this has been available on Windows & Linux from the initial release in November of 2008.

    People have also figured out how to install it up on the Apple, but the installation procedure needs to properly worked out.

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