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Drm-Removal 4.1.2

O. James Samson - November 28, 2010

DRM-Removal is a copier and converter for protected media. The user interface is easy to use, and conversion speed is very high, with a speed of up to 40x. Users will enjoy conversion of their unprotected music in only a few seconds. DRM-Removal can convert protected MP4, AAC, and many more to unprotected WMA/MP3, convert Rhapsody music collection to MP3, AAC, WAV, convert protected RAX to unprotected WMA, MP3 or AAC (iTunes native format).

DRM-Removal has the following features: convert all audio formats that can be listened to in your Windows Media Player, iTunes player or Apple Quick Time (Media copy protection will be removed after conversion); convert all video formats that can be played with Windows Media player, iTunes player or Apple Quick player or Apple Quick Time (Media copy protection will be removed after conversion); simple user interface and very fast conversion speed (up to 40x) from playback speed will let you enjoy converted and unprotected audio and video in seconds; save your Napster music to your laptop or mobile phone; copy audio and video to iPod or iPod or iPhone directly from DRM-Removal.

This program has experienced a lot of transformation over the years; the user interface has vastly improved. Users can download a trial version, which has a 30 day timeout; but the unlimited version goes for $14.99.

Want to check it out? Visit DRM-Removal.

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