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BootRacer 3.0

O. James Samson - December 28, 2010

BootRacer is a Windows boot speed meter, which helps to race your Windows boot. BootRacer allows you have a say in the speed of your Windows; especially because you can speed up the speed if the information from the meter is not impressive enough. BootRacer is a bit easy to understand and to use, and new users who have very little understanding of how things like these works can still manage to understand some of its features. Its strength lies in its ability to detect the time to user logon and the full computer boot time as well. The program also has the capacity to calculate the best boot time and write the results to the Windows event log.

Some of its new features include the following: new method of calculating “time to desktop”; user login/logoff detection, also supporting user switching; running under administrator account; new history report with ability exporting to the HTML, DOC, Excel, CSV formats; measure the user logon waiting time (logon timeout) under Windows Vista/Seven; and a few others.

BootRacer is free for non commercial use. Once you install this application on your computer, click on the start button as soon as the main window appears, then restart your computer.

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