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XP-AntiSpy 3.98-1

O. James Samson - December 29, 2011

XP-AntiSpy is a utility that allows you to disable some built-in update and authentication features in Windows XP. Basically, there are a few programs installed on your systems that are automatically updated; and could be sometimes very harmful or expose your system to some unwanted attacks; XP-AntiSpy enables you to disable such programs. This provides an additional security for your system, besides the other security programs already installed. Some of the programs that have automatic update features may not be able to stop some potentially unwanted programs from being installed; and this is one reason you should check this application out.

XP-AntiSpy has undergone a lot of changes since the last time it was released. Some of these changes include the following; reworked setting Hide shortcut arrow because it was not always working on 64bit systems, removed setting Deny access to 16-Bit-Applications from Suggested profile, fixed several errors occurring on 64bit systems, the menu Profiles now contains the entry Check profile at logon, added a search field which can be enabled by selecting the menu Special>Show search field (due to the amount of settings in the xp-AntiSpy it get’s complicated if you look for a special one), and a couple of others.

Want to check it out? Visit Xp-antispy.

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