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Daminion Server Beta

O. James Samson - August 27, 2012

Need a low-cost application that can help you create and protect your digital library without any problem; then maybe this review will be of help. Daminion Server is a low-cost, server based photo management system for small teams and creative professionals.

With Daminion, multiple users can view, annotate, and edit their digital assets quickly and without risk of losing information. Digital library of users will also be protected from irreparable damage, which is not the case when using a file-server based solution. Dominion is developed for both small and big teams running on limited budgets. Moreover the program is very affordable; and users only have to pay once without any need for monthly renewals or subscription.

Daminion also protects your database from accidental screw ups; and that means users with Readers or Guest roles will not be able to remove assets. However, they will be able to search, view or export the assets in accordance with the permissions assigned to their roles.

Using Dominion gives you a lot of advantages even as a small term user because all your contents will remain inside your firewall, as well as a comparable upgrade time.

Any Issues?

Daminion is a reasonably priced application, as well as a great piece of program for small term users; however, it requires a some technical skills to get used to.

Want to check it out? Visit Daminion.

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