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TeamSpeak 3.0.10

O. James Samson - March 28, 2013

Want to talk to your friends and family over the internet with good voice quality? Then what you should probably go for is the TeamSpeak.

What is the big deal about TeamSpeak?

This program allows users to talk to each other over the Internet with very good voice quality. It offers a client-server architecture where client and server software is clearly separated. This means it is not a peer-peer server but this application runs on a dedicated server. You can configure the voice quality and bandwidth and can be low for modem users or as good as normal phone calls for better connections.

Because it uses very little latency as possible, it is thus one of the best online gaming communication applications available. TeamSpeak server can handle several thousands of simultaneous users. This application can be used for teleconferencing, it can serve as a good alternative to conference calls, can help to significantly cut down the cost of long distance calls or just as a means of communicating with friends and family. Best still, it is free.


I’m yet to have any negative experience with this application. It uses low resources, does not cause conflicts with any program.

To learn more about this program, visit Teamspeak.

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