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MCE Controller 1.8.4 Beta

O. James Samson - July 29, 2013

Did you know you could take control of your Windows HTPC (or any PC) over the network just by installing a simple application? That’s what MCE Controller is designed for; it runs in the background listening on the network (or serial port) for commands.

What’s MCE Controller?

MCE Controller lets you control a Windows HTPC (or any PC) over the network. It runs in the background listening on the network (or serial port) for commands. It then translates those commands into actions such as keystrokes, text input, and the starting of programs. Any remote control, home control system, or application that can send text strings via TCP/IP or a serial port can use MCE Controller to control a Windows PC.

MCEControl.commands is now an optional file; and the previously defined set of commands from older builds are now built into the program. If a MCEControl.commands file is present, it will add to and override these pre-defined commands. Also added to this latest version/update are new icon and minor menu tweaks.

MCE Controller works great with any remote control system that supports TCP/IP or RS-232 connections including iRule, which is an iPhone/iPad app that turns your iPhone/iPad into a universal remote control for your home.

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