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TeamTalk 4.5.2

O. James Samson - September 30, 2013

Need to make conference calls and share information to a group of people all in real time? Then try out TeamTalk.

What is TeamTalk?

TeamTalk is an intuitive conferencing system that provides great help to groups of people that are searching for a centralized platform were they can exchange messages, media files and share information all in one place. Members of the group can communicate with other members in real time using both audio and video. All you need is just a microphone and a web camera and you’re good to go.

It is a lightweight utility, with a simple-to-use interface provides private rooms for every group of users and the ability to connect to a standalone server for both LAN and Internet environments. Another amazing feature of TeamTalk is that you could use it to share applications on your desktop with other users. So if you have a user with a premium application on his/her desktop, no need to buy. Just share!

Some of the features of this program are: Real time audio and video conversations, Public and private instant text messaging, File sharing among group members, High quality audio codecs with both mono and stereo and Push-to-talk and voice activation. Others include Record conversations to disk, Standalone server for both LAN and Internet environments, Private rooms/channels for every group, User authentication with accounts and Accessibility for visually impaired.


Hmmmm….. Nice program for crisp clear communication.

To learn more about TeamTalk, visit

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