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GMDH Shell 3.1.4

O. James Samson - November 29, 2013

There are not too many applications that can make data processing very easy these days; but of course, it doesn’t mean you won’t find one if you are lucky enough. Well, GMDH happens to be one program that could be of great help in terms of data processing and predictive analysis. Read more as we review what this program is actually all about, and what it has to offer in terms of features.

What’s GMDH Shell?

GMDH Shell is an advanced but easy to use tool for predictive analytics and data mining. The software makes processing of data much easier in many aspects. It is able to automatically detect usable data inside a file, transform data according to a problem type, drop irrelevant inputs and, finally, construct a set of predictive models at the base of optimal complexity detection and self-organization principals.

This version of GMDH has been updated to include the following: [new] “File > revert to saved” in the menu allows dropping all unsaved changes to the current project; [new] The label “Model fit” replaces “Learning”; [improved] Less requirements for automatic generation of future timestamps; [improved] Now GS suggests to save the current project before loading a new one; [improved] “Model fit” replaces “Learning” in the titles; and many more.

Want to check it out? Visit Gmdhshell.

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