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SciTE 3.3.7

O. James Samson - December 25, 2013

sciteIt had to be said that a lot of improvements have been made to some of the applications or programs we used to have problem with in the past. A program like SciTE is a small, but very powerful and useful text editor that can perform the jobs of editing plain text and editing programming language. Read more about SciTE in the review below.

What is SciTE all about?

SciTE is an open source text editor that can be both used as an editor of plain text and for an editor for programming language. Features included in the program include the likes of method folds, change languages and many other tools to help you edit your text better. The publisher has also included some changes that enhances some lexers, with the C++ lexer adding user defined literals and digit grouping from C++11/14.

SciTE may look small in terms of size, but it comes with some rich and powerful features including the following: API files for some popular languages; auto expansion of control structures for C languages family; debugging facility for some popular languages (with common debuggers); abbreviations for some popular languages; indentation beautifier for C languages family; and many more.

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