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Baidu Spark Browser

Ciaran Moore - April 1, 2014

Baidu Spark Browser is a web browser which is based on Chromium and enhances the typical tools seen in other browsers and brings a few new ones in order to improve your ’ browsing experience.

One thing that makes the browser stand out is  the capability to navigate using mouse gestures. You can use different functions when you move the mouse while holding the right button, including opening and closing tabs. This feature is particularly useful for people who frequently read web content. You’ll find the gestures you need to perform different tasks in the Tools submenu under Settings.

Another thing noticeable about the browser was the advantage that you dont need to install another program or extension in order to download videos or audio.You only need  to click the Media button when navigating sites with relevant media to download whatever you want. You can also watch videos in their own pop-up window.  In case you are interested in torrents, then you’ll discover a dedicated button for that.

Beside the two buttons is another button which has a scissor image , this is used for taking screenshots. You can either capture an entire page or click on the left mouse button and drag to select the area you want to capture. When you select a region to capture, the browser gives you a number of editing options, this includes the ability to add annotations.

On the other side is the button for restoring the last closed tab, making it easy to revisit pages without the need of going to history. If you would like to find your browsing history, then you only need to click on the small arrow alongside this button. However, it’s also possible to use the Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut. The browser provides keyboard shortcuts for the majority of of its functions, which includes taking screenshots. In the event that you want to browse without leaving a trace, then open up an Incognito Window: there is no need to change any setting.

You can also make use of it to open up various Wep page formats, including .mht single archive format that is actually not compatible with a number of web browsers.

Should you come across some issues when working with Baidu Spark Web browser, you can easily click on the Browser Doctor and choose the kind of problem you get and after that simply click the Fix Now button.

If you appreciate Chrome web browser, then you’ll certainly love Spark. The Chromium based browser provides you with many functions that make it handy even if you’re not much of a fan of Chrome.

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