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Ciaran Moore - May 19, 2014

There is already more than enough music players readily, however, if none of them quite do it right for you then you may possibly want to spend some time trying Winyl – it’s really quite good.

Following a quick download and a swift launch, Winyl asks for your music folders location. Point it to the correct location and it’s going to import your existing songs and albums, and in a matter of seconds you are going to be good to go: an easy tree user interface enables you to see your music collection by albums,artists, years, genres, folders plus more. Choose one, double-click and it will begin to play.

The primary interface is so small that you may well wonder exactly what else you’re able to do, however look more carefully. There are small bars in the bottom of window which symbolize your position within the current track, and the player’s volume level – simply click in order to change. And when you right-click the bar at the very top or bottom in the screen you are going to uncover a menu with several more options.

The software can make or import playlists, for example (M3U/ M3U8, PLS, ASX, XSPF). It has an equalizer, that has a lot of presets. An even more lightweight mini-player. A lot of configuration choices. And in the event that for whatever reason you don’t really enjoy the interface, there are several skins you may choose to reconfigure it – it’s also possible to have the application look similar to iTunes, or Windows Media Player. It also has built-in popular radio stations, and nevertheless, in spite of all of this, Winyl ends up being very small and undemanding. this isn’t a program which is going to get in your way.

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