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Pixopedia 0.2.5

O. James Samson - February 9, 2015

These days a lot of people want to do their image editing with software that offers them the opportunity to access or use a lot of features. There are some nice programs out there as well as a couple of others that are not worth the pain. Pixopedia is an image editing software that has some features that won’t give an amateur user much problem when it comes to using it for the very first time.

Pixopedia will help you discover new ways to digitally paint works of art, as well as edit your image and video files. It gives you the option of using two different types of working modes; the standard and the menu modes. Pixopedia may not have all the features of a pro image editor, but it does have some tools you will find very useful when working on an image.

With Pixopedia, you can access a lot of features including the following: 9 predefined brushes visible in bottom panel and collected in one set. Brushes are accessible by mouse click or by keyboard shortcut (1-9); brush can be changed while drawing (on the fly), by clicking appropriate keyboard shortcut; every brush has it’s own settings, color, texture, background tile and other parameters; and lots of others.

Pixopedia may not have all or some of the features of some pro image editors; it does provide enough for an amateur user.

Want to check it out? Visit Sigmapi-Design.

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