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SpyShelter Premium 10.1

O. James Samson - September 11, 2015

Attacks take place online every day, but the fact that you feel everything looks alright doesn’t mean your system is free from being vulnerable. To keep your system safe and avoid losing vital personal data to hackers and keyloggers, you need to install programs that will protect your computer. SpyShelter is very effective security software that can protect your system from hackers and keyloggers.

What’s the deal with SpyShelter?

SpyShelter can protect you against attacks that happen even when you do ordinary computer tasks like: typing into your computer, getting screenshots, opening files, and visiting sites. The SpyShelter monitors vulnerable and weak spots in your computer system to ensure that even the most advanced keyloggers are shut down even before these can launch a single dangerous attack against your computer. The version being reviewed is the Premium edition, which has no limitations and also boasts of technical support.

SpyShelter has some nice features that can detect some new threats that some popular antivirus software can detect. It is also very active when it comes to detecting new malware that pose a lot of risks to your data.

The publisher should consider extending the test or trial period beyond the 10-day limit, which is not sufficient enough for new users to find out what SpyShelter is all about.

Want to check it out? Visit SpyShelter.

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