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Ciaran Moore - December 4, 2015

Aimp is a freeware music player with some additional features as standard. These do some useful things that you would usually have to find separate programs or plug-ins to perform. These include a converter, a tag editor, even an audio recorder!

You have the choice to either install the program to windows as usual or to install it as a portable program. It gives you the option to integrate it to the windows context menu, even if you choose the portable option. The player displays a dark theme as default, but this can be changed in the settings.

It includes an equalizer which has 22 presets or you can adjust the equalizer manually to make your own settings. The player can also auto adjust to presets for individual songs. The equalizer can also be hidden if you prefer. You can also use effects such as reverb, chorus, etc and even tempo and pitch!

When Aimp begins playback of a track, the song’s name and other details are displayed on top of the screen for a few seconds. They are also seen in the scroller area, with file details such as size, bitrate and sample rate. The player also shows links to the last three folders uses, for easy access to play recently heard tracks. It also has a search bar for searching the selected folder, simply search and hit enter to play.

As well as the usual features like shuffle and repeat, it also has an alarm clock and auto shutdown feature. These are great if you want to wake up or sleep to your favorite music. The cover art downloader is a nice inclusion too!

It has plug-ins available for additional features and it also supports visualizations for visual effects in time with the music, etc.

This is a very versatile program which will seem familiar to anyone who used to use Winamp before it finally stopped being updated. In some ways it may be even better, as it has a recording feature which is sure to come in useful if you regularly listen to internet radio stations through the program’s built-in online radio browser.

Download Aimp from this site.

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