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Yandex Browser

Ciaran Moore - May 21, 2016

indexMeet one of 2016’s alternative browsers – Yandex. It is a simple and incredibly fast browser, that needs just a few seconds to launch and to browse with. The browser’s interface is simplified, including buttons that are essential, providing enough space to view your pages freely.

You can search tabs easily with Tableau – a thumbnail arranged panel, with the pages that you visit often. Those widgets are really fast and they show up-to-date information such as traffic, weather, news and social network notifications. Yandex has a built in feature that translates every website that you visit to your own language. It recognizes many popular languages like English, German, French, Spanish and even Ukrainian. By moving the cursor and holding down the Shift Key on unknown word, you will get immediate translation.

The browser has a version created for desktop that will help you to call telephone numbers found on the web. Simply click on the number and the browser’s version for mobile phones will dial the number on your smartphone. You have to set up the Push to Call feature by installing the browser on both PC and mobile device. With the help of the built in security system, you will feel a bit more secure when browsing the world wide web. This system is made to scan millions of web addresses every day, in order to protect you. If there is a known malicious website on the horizon, the browser will warn you. Thanks to Kaspersky, every downloaded file will also be checked thoroughly.

If you wish to reopen your tabs on other devices, or to check your bookmarks and history, you can sync this information on all devices and check it anytime. You can even personalize the browser and make it a bit colorful with a custom uploaded background!

Check it out at

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