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1st Mail Server 3.02

Tilgore Kraut - April 23, 2008

Were you in search for mail server utility that could help you perform your work faster and better without taking much time and effort? If that has been the case then it may be a wise decision to try using 1st Mail Server 3.02. Essentially it is a professional POP3 /SMTP server program which can be used in different environments and can also be used along side a standard mail client for sending emails. It also provides the users with a testing mode for the purpose of testing and debugging the mailing client. When you have a traveling job then you need to carry your laptop, 1st Mail Server 3.02 provides you with settings for multiple SMTP gateways. With this features the program helps you to send the mails by using any of the gateways. The program is suitable to by nearly everyone as it ensures email privacy and security.

The 1st Mail Server 3.02 program helps you to perform your work efficiently where ever you are. The program shows various options to be set according to your working requirements. The program shows the options on the toolbar and the left side panel on the screen. The sub features that all the options contain are displayed on the right hand area on the screen. To make sure about the safety you can set the security features like number of connections for SMTP servers and protocol. Set the IP range list and other features like RBL servers, SMTP gateways. With the SMTP options you can set the SMTP ports, simultaneous connections, server identities, etc. Message Queue, Timeout, Server Replies, POP3 Options are other features that you need to set according to your preferences. Another feature is Local Domain that contains sub features to be considered by you. Save the settings that also can be restored when required. To start working with you need to select ‘Start Server’ and ‘Stop Server’ as required.

1st Mail Server 3.02 program enables you send mails through any gateway and work with different mail clients.

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