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Bitwise IM – Secure Instant Messaging

Ciaran Moore - July 29, 2008

BitWise IM is a direct-connect messenger and voice chat application with privacy in mind. It encrypts all chats and file transfers with strong blowfish encryption (up to 448 bits). It’s constructed to function with minimal server interaction and provides an entirely server-free mode.

In addition to these strong privacy features, it has text macros, offline messaging, offline message forwarding to email, invisible mode, custom away messages and more.

It has file transfer and a web interface for sending messages and checking offline messages – so even whenever you are away from your computer, you’ll be able to still check messages as long as you’ve got access to an internet browser. The included whiteboard permits users to share a drawing interface that has support for full color, layers, and even images in addition to freehand drawings.

BitWise IM is a simple to use chat client for those that want to break loose from the masses and chat in a more private and secure environment. The application uses a standalone executable which requires no installation. Free account registration is needed in order to activate your username.

This is software worth checking out for anyone who is concerned about the communication of sensitive information through the internet. BitWise is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Check out the homepage here for futher information and to download the ad-free, free personal edition.

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