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Ultra Hal Text to Speech Reader

O. James Samson - February 20, 2009

Sometimes reading a text online could become too straining for the eye. This is especially true if you’ve stayed in front of your computer for more than two hours. That is why it is recommended to stay away from your computer from time to time if possible, every hour, to prevent too much strain.

So instead of reading them, why not listen to text? This could be easily done through Ultra Hal Text to Speech Reader. As the name suggests, the application aims to read your documents. This application is practically your assistant that will dictate you the document you want to read.

The interface of the application is very easy to understand. All you need to do is to load the document either in text (.txt) or rich text format (.rtf) and you can let the application start reading. You can choose a voice and even mix them according to speed, pitch and volume.

There are two interesting features of the application. First, the application could actually export the voice into .WAV format which could be read by almost any audio player. Second, the application will allow you to read only certain parts of the texts.

Ultra Hal Text to Speech could also be configured to read IM, pop-up messages from browsers and even text from browsers by copying and pasting the text to the clipboard.

An upgraded version is also available for a fee. The upgrade is basically an integration of AT&T Natural Voices which will greatly improve your listening experience.

More info available at

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