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XMedia Recode

O. James Samson - February 26, 2009

XMedia Recode is one of the most important software packages that a multimedia aficionado could have. The reason for this is that through a large amount of pioneering work, the author of this software package was able to create a freeware version of software packages that would cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars if they had to be purchased through the proprietary software market.

The latest release of XMedia Recode, which was put into the freeware marketplace on February 22, 2009, has the ability to convert any audio or video file format you can think of. No matter how ridiculous the format of the file might be, it will be able to convert it to one of the commonly used file formats that you would expect to be associated with either the audio or the video milieu of the present day.

There are many improvements that have been made to XMedia Recode in the most recent release, most of which are designed to either expand the list of file formats supported or alternatively to increase the functionality of the software through making the interface more convenient to utilize.

More information is available  at

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