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Auto Kindle eBook Converter 0.4.35

O. James Samson - March 5, 2009

Kindle is one of the most popular eBook readers today. This gadget from has been the favorite for those who wanted to read books without having to deal with heavy books. The books could be purchased electronically from Amazon and could be easily read in Kindle.

But there are documents in your computer that you need to transfer in your Kindle. Since Kindle is limited in compatibility with different file formats, you need to covert them into something readable. That’s where Auto Kindle eBook Converter comes in. As the name suggests, the application could easily convert common document file formats into .mobi – the file format for Kindle.

This application is not only limited to Kindle, since it’s output is in .mobi, the converted file could become available in other gadgets as well. The said file format is recognizable by different eBook readers and small applications could even be installed in computers and SmartPhones so that it could read files in .mobi formats. With the eBook converter, the possibility of having a library in your mobile phones is now possible.

But the application is still in its early stages. The software is still buggy especially when the application deals with .lit file formats. The output file may not also be the same as expected if the application deals with the said file format.

A great feature of this converter is the support for images in PDF files. Photos in other file formats may not be converted properly but the application is a work in progress so more updates are coming which will enhance the features of the converter.

More info and download  at

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7 Responses to “Auto Kindle eBook Converter 0.4.35”

  1. ebeltran Says:

    very good service

  2. Erika J. Brown Says:

    I was skeptical about buying the Kindle after I read numerous articles detailing how owners had their books recalled (taken off the Kindle) with no notice. I also read stories of people’s accounts being banned, therefore all Amazon features on the Kindle (really just the Kindle Store) became non-functional. Alas, even after hearing that I could not put my own books (downloaded free of charge from other ebook sites) on the Kindle, I still purchased one as a birthday gift to myself. Wow, I was impressed and extremely upset when I recieved my Kindle. Impressed because of the amazing e-ink technology the screen is known for, the super-fast downloads of books off the Kindle Store, and many other little features. I was upset to learn that I CAN place my own books on the Kindle free of charge. Simply download Calibre (free download) to convert your books to .Mobi format. I know what you’re thinking: “why are you upset about that?” Well, I’m upset because all the stories and articles I read about not being able to place my own ebooks on the Kindle was one of the main reasons I contemplated not getting a Kindle, therefore wasting many days that I could have already had it.

    I have over 250 books on my Kindle and have spent a combined total of $0.00! If you love to read and know where to find free ebooks (most classics can be acquired for free from the Kindle Store itself) then buy a Kindle. You won’t regret it. I now read things I would never touch at a bookstore simply because I got them for free. I read more now because I can comfortably place the Kindle on a table and not have to worry about holding pages down because the book’s sturdy spine closes automatically.

    For all the people throwing temper-tantrums over Amazon’s recent recalls or whatever…learn to acquire books for free somewhere else and convert them. If you dont know how to do that, or you are simply stubborn at the idea of spending a few minutes on the computer converting books, then you should not buy a Kindle…in fact, if I were you, I would refrain from ever buying a piece of technology ever again.

    Thank you Amazon for an amazing product that I will surely love for a very, very long time. 🙂

  3. solid state hard disk Says:

    Great post. Hope to read a lot more good posts in the near future.

  4. tommy-kindle3gwifi Says:

    It is much simpler now and moving the previous and next buttons on both sides is convenient for both left- and right-handed readers The 3G is absolutely worth the money.If you travel internationally you have the ability to buy a new book where ever you’re at anytime.

  5. justin-kindle3gwifi Says:

    I’m still not sold on these e-readers. There are so many good e-readers out there. I could see myself having trouble reading at night. I read sometimes read when my girlfriend is asleep. Not sure how many are backlit. I think they will all have some problems.

  6. Weight Conversion Says:

    Very Great advantages mentioned in ur Blog…..
    Especially,,my sincere Thanks to AMAZON,,,by releasing of this product..
    It”s an Great post…

  7. Sarah Says:

    This concerns me from a copyright standpoint. Limiting the file type also limits pirate accessibility. My greatest fear is having libraries turn into the cut-throat pirate den that is the music industry at present.

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