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Networx – monitor your internet activity

O. James Samson - March 26, 2009

Networx is a lightweight application used to monitor your Internet activity in terms of bandwidth usage. This is very useful for some users who are using the Internet with “data cap” or your ISP is limiting the data downloads per month. It’s also used to monitor the bandwidth of your connection so that you’ll know if the speed you are experiencing is actually what you really pay for.

There are other bandwidth monitoring applications out there just like Networx. But what makes it different from other applications is in its ability to be used even in dial-up connection. In fact, most of the tools that you can use are geared towards specific control of your bandwidth. You can limit each website’s download speed and monitor which website is eating too much of your bandwidth. The application also has an alert feature if a website is automatically downloading data which could be a spyware.

There are versions of Networx – you can download the standard application which is less than 1mb in size or you can use the portable version which is even lighter. You can store the folder with the executable file in your portable storage device and use the application anywhere you go.

One of the biggest concerns with regards to this type of application is on intrusion. Although it will monitor the bandwidth without using it, the application might use a lot of RAM which means it could slow down the device. Networx solves that problem by minimizing the functions and placing the application in system tray (lower right hand side of desktop) to prevent taking up space and resources in your computer.

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