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KeyScrambler Personal

O. James Samson - March 27, 2009

Security should always be on top of the list of considerations every user should have while browsing. The advancement of technology has made it possible for hackers to snoop into your account by recording your keystrokes. By recording your keystrokes, your username and password will be detected. Without you knowing it, your personal information has already been used illegally.

Fortunately, securing your online presence will not cost you. The application called KeyScrambler Personal is a freeware that scrambles your keyboard entry. This makes it impossible for hackers to monitor your keystrokes since the data you entered will be scrambled in their end. Entering your username and password in very sensitive websites will be secured.

This application is an add-on to browsers. This means that it will not be installed as a separate application in your device. This will be installed to your browser and will automatically work as soon as you use your keyboard in your browser. But aside from browser security; this small application is also integrated in security enabled applications such as instant messengers. As you encode your username and password, the KeyScrambler will show the scrambled counterpart of the password.

KeyScrambler Personal is a freeware that could be used at home and other personal transactions. But this could be updated into KeyScrambler Pro wherein it will provide security support to hundreds of applications and support for business transactions. This is practically the downside of the application since the toolbar that prompts the scrambled keystroke advertises the pro version. But even with this small inconvenience, it’s an application that could easily increase security in your online transactions.

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